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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


this post will certainly not be the most popular, or well received, but i am interested in other peoples thoughts on this, and would like to share my own.
we all have our opinions and i hope that this does not offend anyone.

 kids and electronics.....

i think this is a controversial subject, but is probably becoming  less of one because it is becoming more common

i used to think it was so ridiculous to see 8 year olds with cell phones.
while i still think it is ridiculous, the issue is becoming worse!
constantly i am seeing kids under 5 using their parents iphones, ipads, computers.
i am baffled by this!
i don't feel like i am technically challenged in any way but these kids know how to use these items better than i do!
it is seriously sickening to me!

i don't want an iphone to stick in front of my kid to shut them up during sacrament.
i don't want an ipad to keep them occupied while i am getting things done around the house.
these things are addicting as is are for adults.
now we are sticking our kids on them?!
i can't imagine raising a child on a phone or computer and what they will need/expect in regards to electronics when they are older.

my views on electronics has changed dramatically in the last couple of years.
it started with cable tv.
then cell phone.
 i am to the point that i can live without it all
we don't have cable. we don't have internet. we have a cell phone for calls and texts only.
we use the internet at the library when we need it
we are surviving, and we have time to get things done!

again, as technology increases in availability and convenience, this opinion is wildly unpopular.
 i am ok with that.

don't get me wrong......i KNOW that theses can all be used for such great things with kids.
for example my sweet little nephew has some sensory 'delays' and these things are great for helping out with that. that is just one example so i know they are there.

i'm just baffled by the use of these electronics by small kids.
i have seen it become an expectation.
kids see their parents with the phone and they start screaming for it!

i'm sure these are good for learning and even coordination, stuff like that. there are definitely benefits. but sticking a phone in front of a kid to keep them quiet or occupied when they don't really know what they are doing to begin with, just pushing buttons or swiping the screen, that's where my frustration comes in.

what are your thoughts?
i'm open to them all
(and am prepared for most to be opposing to mine...which is just fine!)


  1. I agree with you 100% Ash! My only thought is how do you keep them away from the kids when they are there? I have a niece who would scream bloody murder until she got to hold your cell phone. The cell phones were only out when we got calls or texts but if she saw it she wanted it. How do we keep them away from them? I have thought that when I will have kids I won't have them watch TV or do things like that but I have a feeling I will encounter opposition when they are in aunt and uncle, or grandma and grandpa's care because they don't feel the same way as me. Good thoughts though. It should be evaluated.

  2. My phone is usually close to me and when Cassidy was about 18 months old she would grab it some times and just from watching me she learned to unlock it. It wasn't until later I let her watch a few videos on it and now she loves it. Yes she wants it a lot of the time but you have to decide for yourself if you are willing to let them have it or not, like you siad there are some good learning things on there and she can count to 5 because of one of those. So I think it can be good but needs to be monitored, if Cassidy cries for my phone she doesn't get it all day, but if she has been a good girl and asks nicely then she can have it for a little while. She used to get upset when I took it away because I only let her have it for a certain amount of time, but now I don't have to take it away because she knows about how long she can have it and will just give it back to me. It totally depends how you use it, you defiantly need rules for things like this along with tv, video games, computers and everything.

  3. moderation in all things. I find it just as sickening and rather controlling to keep your children out of technological reach. I'm a firm believer in helping them make correct decisions while living in the world. Try to take them completely out of it, they will despise you and rebel. I used to think the same way, but my nieces and nephews, my young piano students have opened my eyes to the reality of how difficult parenting can be. And that I really just need to introduce them to everything and teach them appropriate levels of use, etc.

  4. I agree to an extent, I don't let my daughter roam on the internet or stick her in front of the tv to keep her occupied. But she does have a leap pad, to help her learn her letters, ect.
    And I have recently started letting her play games on the computer. I had never done that before, but her teacher told me that she needs to practice because she isn't very good with the mouse and has tests she needs to take on the computer. She's only 4, in preschool! I was shocked that she needed to know something like that. So not letting a child practice using technology now days can hold them back in life. So I guess I'm in the middle on this. Kids are growing up in a technological world and need to know how to use it, but parents definitely need to monitor the amount.