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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More home projects

we have done so many projects since we bought our house that I haven't had time to blog them all.

These are some that we did in the summer:

new curtains!

I bought curtains from ikea ( i can't remember if they were 20 per panel or 20 for both but either way they were cheap)
we hung them with 1" conduit. 
Have you looked at prices of curtain rods!? they are not cheap!
so we ghetto rigged ours. 
i thought about spray painting the conduit a rubbed bronze color but never did that. 
I think the conduit ran us a couple bucks.
And we had to borrow our brothers hack saw. (thanks Link!)

they turned out pretty good, but there are some spots that i should have been more careful with! If I ever do these again I will be more careful with the dark paint color around the white!
People are shocked when they find out that they are painted!
I didn't do this on these, but if you use regular wall paint (which I did) there is an additive you can buy that makes them washable and takes the stiffness our of the paint. 
I would probably do that next time too!
We have really high ceilings so I put the rod up above the window about a foot to show the height more.

We also ripped out the fence that was in the front of our house.
let me tell you, that was hard work!
thank goodness i have a hard working husband, we knocked this out at in a few hours



Now we just need to work on getting some landscaping in!

Cement Pad:

We have 2 random cement pads in our back yard. We decided to take one of them out and left the other for our shed someday.
This was another big project and Brock knocked it right out.
Seriously, he is such a hard worker and just gets stuff done!!
I unfortunately am the opposite, so he is perfect to have around! 

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