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Friday, December 9, 2011

craft hands

i have craft hands.
you know, warn blistered, rough, paint stained chipped nails...all of the above

I've been crafting away and loving every second of it.
last night Brock went over to his brothers and left me alone to my crafting madness.
It's kinda nice to have a night alone to my projects (although he is always missed)
I'm trying to get some of the bedroom projects done. All the big stuff is done...except the quilt
Painting...check, headboard...check, 
i need to post pics but am debating weather i wait till the whole room is done or just post along the way!
oh i also need to do my curtains. 
what I want cost more than my total room budget so I am of course making them.
dying fabric and all.
we'll see how they turn out, but I have high hopes!!

the weekends are going to be busy for us the rest of the year!

tonight we are having our single friends over! can't wait! I love them
tomorrow is bachelor party time for the norton boys and my sis in law is coming over for a beginner sewing lesson! not that i know very much but i do know some stuff!

next weekend our brother is getting married so we are off to cali for the weekend 

the weekend after that we are off to vegas for brock's childhood friends wedding

the weekend after that we are watching nephew cole.

busy busy busy.

somewhere in there i need to finish my Christmas shopping.
and try to finish all the projects around the house.
slowly they are gettin checked off, one by one.

it's a good thing i have Brock. He keeps me focused on projects and getting them done, rather than starting them and then slowly finishing & dragging them out or never finishing! that's one thing im really good at! he keeps me going!  

btw, people think im crazy for the things im doing, and don't see things like i do.
they use words like "interesting" or "it's definitely unique"
that's ok though cause thats what i want. things that are unique and things that i can be proud of cause i worked hard.
but maybe just a little sometimes i wish people just understood my visions and liked them like i do!
oh well.

happy friday!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey cous I just wanted to write and let u know that I am a big crafter to and i feel the same like no one likes or gets the stuff i do but i like ur style it is rustic meets modern way cute and different. like i said i craft all the time and if u ever want to come and have a craft night with me and my friends we do alot of different sruff but i would LOVE to craft with u some time just write me on facebook if u ever want to.