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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

weekend recap

brock and  i didn't technically get a "long weekend" cause we had to work on Friday, but we did manage to get off at noon so our weekend started a few hours early.

I loved everything about this weekend.

We got tons done, including working on our headboard and getting our Christmas decorations up!
I had been looking forward to decorating the whole week.
And what better way to end a full day projects/decorating....
pizza and a movie by christmas tree light! (christmas vacation. a must for decorating day!)

I also got my heating blanket and oh.my.gosh
its heaven.
it keeps me nice and toasty warm in bed, while my husb likes it cold and crisp.
now we both win!
It's seriously good.

I have lots of posts to come.
We decided live on a weekly cash budget to save more mulah so there isn't alot left over for buying extra 'things' so those things get hand made. But i'm loving the handmade DIY feel of everything i've done. I can't wait till we have kids and we can start traditions of hand made ornaments and decorations where they can help and make cherished memories all at the same time!

This weekend there was lots of crafting/homemaking going on.
Including but not limited to homemade Christmas ornaments. delish homemade lion house rolls, our headboard, the list goes on and on
so blog posts are to come when i can get over to the library for some internet usage.

The Christmas shopping has begun, and I am counting down the days till we can sneak away for a few days to attend Brock's brothers wedding in Cali (16 days).

oh. thanksgiving was good to.
i didn't really have to lift a finger except to make the rolls.
that was nice for once!

Last year i was a grinch. no tree, not really feeling the spirit of the season, but this year, i just can't get enough! I'm soaking it all in.

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