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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Product Post:

 dont really ever do this, blog about products, cause i dont have many favorite products that i use all the time, but i do have a few:

extreme ice
this stuff makes your lips feel icy and smooth and smells good too!

johnson & johnson lotion
melt away stress
body lotion
this stuff is great. i hate lotion that makes your palms feel greesy. i used to have to put lotion on the tops of my hands and rub only the tops together cause i hated the way lotion felt on my palms, till i started using this stuff. its good. and smells amazinnnnnng!
i dont know if it actually "melts away stress" but its good stuff.
i have a carry size in my car, my purse, my makeup bag, my office. i like it THAT much.

Loreal Double Extend

I really like this becuase it comes off in clumps. if your face gets wet, you dont have black tears running down your face. it jsut clumps off.
it also really does make your lashes look a bit longer.
good stuff

now i need some recommendations for face/wrinkle cream.
i think its past time i start using it.

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