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Friday, November 18, 2011

just a few things

I am so excited about my bedroom makeover! I am feeling antsy to get started!

First year of being married calls for sending out a family Christmas card right?! I have (what i think is) a cute idea for ours this year! Now i just need it to snow so I can carry out my plan!

I was feeling crafty last night so I made a cute little "Merry Christmas" sign for our Christmas pics. I also made myself some sweater leg warmers. you know how those are the thing right now. I've got some cute new boots sitting in my closet that they will go perfect with.
Easiest/cheapest thing ever! I used the sleeves off a sweater that i got at a yard sale this summer that i have yet to wear. It was a bit frumpy and "grandma-ish" in the words of my boy. So i took the scissors to it. Now i have a cute pair of legwarmers for free and i actually like the sweater more now! I tried it on as a little sweater vest and kinda liked it!

Im getting more and more excited for Christmas. Im pretty ready for it to just be thanksgiving so i can start decorating!
One of my most favorite things is getting the tree up and everything done, then turning off all the lights axcept the tree, turning up the Christmas music and cuddling up in a warm blanket and taking it all in. It's one of the most peacefull things! Someday ill be able to add a roaring fire to that scenario.

I have been listening to Christmas music now, and it does something to me. I cant NOT sing. no matter what. I think my husband has seen a side of me that he didn't expect? I BELT it. and don't care if im off key or dont know the words. its just great!

I think elf said it best:

I don't know if I am actually spreading cheer with my singing or just calling all the stray dogs but it makes me happy!

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