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Monday, November 21, 2011

Gratitude, Day 21

don't you love the kind of weekends where there is nothing scheduled,
you get alot done but also had a very relaxing weekend?
thats what our weekend was.

all this was accomplished at our house:

made a jewlery holder (for a whopping 75 cents..post to come) which forced me to organize my jewlery
started on our headboard (post to come)
made 2 gallons liquid soap for 50 cents! (post to come)
started and finished a video game (this one was the husb)
made successfull lion house rolls (practice run for the thanksgiving roll assignment)
made a not so successful turkey meatloaf.
cleaned up and rearanged the bedroom
made it to olive garden and to a comedy show
got the grocery shopping done (the task i despise the most, that and laundry, which also got done)
hit up the thrift store. (post to come!)
and made a home depot run.
oh and got the ironing done!

whew thats alot.
and now i realize i have alot of blog posts to do!

I Live for Weekends.
I love every second of them.
(except for the sudden stomach flu symptoms)


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