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Friday, November 11, 2011

Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

 since we bought our house completely re-done, we haven't had to do much to it, besides decorate and add our own personal touches.

we have pretty much done every room except the one we spend the most time in.
the bedroom.

its bare.
not one thing hung on the wall.
no nice bedding.
no curtains.
no headboard.

which means its a huge empty canvas

so we are going to start on it.

i tend to start projects that i either never finish, or just stop working on,
which was brought to my attention by my love.

soooo my commitment is to finish those projects (organize my recipes and make a jewlery thingy)
thennnnnn i get to start on the bedroom!

it's going to be a challenge.
im limiting myself to a budget of $200.00
thats it.

for paint, bedding, wall decor, lighting, everything
200.00 bucks.

i'll post as i go, but till then here is a little sneak peak.
(thanks to pinterest for inspiration!)

im in love with this blanket and you bet i will be making it
i have a collection of fabric that needs to be used
annnnnd i found a sweet old lady selling her old fabric on KSL
and bought fabric last night for
drum rollllll please....

5 cents a YARD!!!!

that is how this makeover will get done.

handmade, thiifted, recycled,
i can't wait!

stay tuned!!!

then when the makeover is done....
i'll be doing a little giveaway on my blog to help YOU start your little (or big)
DIY projects!

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