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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adventures of Brocks Sleeping Stories....

so my husband is a cRaZZZZy sleeper.
like for reals.
i have seen him run, jump, scream, laugh and talk, all while asleep.
he gets a kick out of the stories i tell him in the monring of what he did during the night.
sometimes he remembers waking up to that and sometimes he has no clue what has gone on.

so im going to start posting some of the craziness.

the other night he woke up
walked over to the light switch
said "this is going to suck" and proceeded to blind us both by turning on the light.
he then said " i saw a huge...." and started looking around on the floor, by the bed, on the nightstand.

i had no idea what he thought he saw, or what he thought he was looking for.
i usually try to be nice and understanding when these things happen, even though he is waking me from my precious hours of sleep, because he has no idea what he is doing! and tell him to come back to bed.
(im not always as succesfull as i would like to be when being understanding. sometimes in the moment im a grump and just want to go back to un-interupted sleep!)

come to find, the next day when i asked him if he remembered doing that, he said he was looking for spiders!
haha! i guess in his dreams he saw huge spiders so he had to look for them!

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  1. there's a name for that: http://youtu.be/MU2KRBh1MOA