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Monday, October 3, 2011

weekend recap

i had a verrry relaxing weekend.
dont beleive me..... keep reading.

came home from work to a studying husband.
i had an abundance of energy so a little rock session with the husb to some new itunes tunes was a must
after that, i was still full of energy so brock made some suggestions for friday night activities:
grocery shipping...
none of which i felt like doing cause i was feeling lazy. even though they would definitely all help with the excess of energy.
instead we stayed in and hung out. just the two of us. (a personal fav)

i have been waaaaiting for ths time of year for ONE reason and one reason only
from here
They got a new location, still in the avenues, so we went to check it out, with one thing in mind. the ice cream. it is soooooooo GOOD. i made just one mistake, and that was to let my ice cream lovin husband get his grimey little paws on it. lets just say i bought a pint of it and ate much much less than that! that little bugger!
 we rented "something borrowed" which i hated. it was about cheating. and tried to make it look fun and glamerous. STUPID movie. oh well
bed by 10.

woke up at 6 to make my boy breakfast before his big test and pack him some snacks.
sent him off then went back to bed for  a few hours.
woke up and watched "how to lose a guy in 10 days."
then spent the afternoon in the kitchen.
I attempted bagels and cinnamon rolls.
the bagels turned out. kind of. and the cinnamon rolls once again, were a disgrace. im close to giving up on baked goods. but with a husband who is slightly obsessed with baked goods, i dont think thats an option. so try try again, i will.

then some lounging while listening to general conference.
im soo excited for the temple in paris. france is my all time favorite place. i was only there for a matter of hours and i instantly fell in love and want to go back sooooo bad. thats saying alot because i always want to go to places i have never been before so to want to go back to somewhere i have already been is big. and now there is just one more amazing reason to get back there. not to mention that is where brocks grandma was from (which i just learned).

after 4 hours of lounging through conference, while my husband was a preisthood, i had the dreadfull assignment to go grocery shopping. (i hate this chore more than most)
but...instead, i went to sleep! from 6-9!
it was soooooo good.
you know when you get a good nap and the sleep is perfect. yep.
then we watched
that was a cute/funny movie.
then bed.

slept in. if you can call 8:30 sleeping in.
made some yumy muffins.
watched conference.
did eye spy
more conference
made oatmeal choc chip cookies, which turned into one BIG cookie stuck to the pan.
another reason i want to give up on baking. (nothing ever turns out right)
steak dinner with the fam
then bed.

so basicalllly my weekend consisted of:
and more sleeping.

it was divine!!

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