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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


brock and i are having our pictures done this weekend.
im really excited.
our photographer is literally the sweetest.
she had me in tears the other day as we went back and forth through facebook emails.
she is offering to do our pictures for free because of our wedding pics mosfortune.
seriously how nice is that.
she said 
 my gift to you, i just seriously feel sick about what happened to you and although it wasn't my fault i want to help you in any way i can and i can do that by giving you both great photos
seriously. so so sweet. i don't think she will ever know how much it means.

she does amazing stuff.

check her out here and here

its all so fresh and vibrant and she has a great eye.
can't wait!

just gotta figure out what we are wearing!

i was going to try to recreate some of our wedding pics, and rerent my dress, but i started having second thoughts about that becuase of the emotion of trying to recreate those irreplacable moments.
 trying to portray the feelings and the emotions that we felt and shared that day would be impossible.
so we changed the plan.
Jen has been so amazingly understanding as i change my mind and its made this alot easier

now if i could just learn how to be photogenic and cute before friday!

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  1. I'm so exited for our shoot!! You are sweet to post this :)