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Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Favorite Moment

I'm adding a little feature to my blog and im calling it
"My Favorite Moment"
Each day I will pick my favorite moment from the day before.
I think this will help me really take in life and recognize special little moments that cause some sort of emotion that i want to remember.
I may not be able to blog my favorite moment every day, but will when i can.
(the downside of no internet at home, bogging is not easily accessible all the time)

So, yesterday (which is now 2 days ago since i forgot to post this after i wrote it. ya im cool),
my favorite moment was:

Laying in bed last night with my husband, each of us consumed in the books we are reading,
brock reached over just to touch my arm, letting me know he was there, and even though he was totally consumed in his book, that small gesture let me know he still knows im right next to him and he wanted to let me know. 
One of my favorite things is when brock is occupied with something/someone else, but takes a moment to touch me, or look at me, or send a wink my way to let me know he still recognizes that im right next to him, always.

side note: i have a feeling that most of "my favorite moments" will be at that time of day, when brock and i have conveined to our beds for the night. this is where most of our talking, lots of lauging, and reading happen. its the perfect end to every single day.

what was YOUR favorite moment of the day?

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