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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Friend Is:

me ashley michelle

She is going to totally kill me for doing this, but oh well
(since my blog is basically my journal, and scrapbook and life all wrapped up in one on the www here it is!)
Ashley is the epitome of the word friend.
She is loving, loyal, fun, nice, caring, giving, selfless, funny, goofy, she tells great stories and always has such pretty teeth and toes! plus we have the same name!. And thats just the begining of her list of amazing qualities.

Ashley and I went to highschool together.
We were not friends back then, just knew who eachother was.
Our friendship began nearly 10 years later when she showed up at my singles ward.
I went up and talked to her, seeing a new face, i went to introduce myself in releif society and realize i knew her! We chatted for a second and she said she was thinking about joining the ward.
which she did.
and that was that.
I was serving in the RS presidency at the time and we were about to re organize the presidency.
I knew (well, i had a feeling) that i would be staying in the presidency and just getting a change from second councelor to first councelor. so we needed a second councelor.
i obviously had no part in this descision seeing as how that falls on the president, so i had no idea who would be called, and didnt really think about it.
the day that we got reorganized, i had this very distinct impression that our councelor would be ashley.
this was a little crazy though cause she literally had JUST joined the ward.
but, thats what happened!

she was called and we were abe to serve together. and that is where our friendship began.
we immediately hit it off. we were alike in many ways and very different in many ways. i wondered how we hadnt been friends all along.
it was that kind of thing. just immediate friends.
that was exactly a year ago this month and since then,
we have shared our deepest secrets, we have laughed laughed laughed, she has been there from the verrrry begining of me and brock. she was the first and only person to find out that we were dating, and knew the whole month long when we kept it a secret from everyone else.
 when we got engaged, when we got married and im sure she will be here when we start having kids.
she is that friend.
i love her dearly.
she has been there for the MOST special times of my life, literally BY MY SIDE.
she threw me an amazing bridal shower.
she was my escort when i received my endowments. She was my escort on my wedding day, right there up until i could be with my sweetheart. 
she stayed with me the whole day of my wedding, 
during pictures she literally fanned us, kept us hydrated, was prepared with things i didnt even think to have.
she was and is amazing!
everyone deserves a friend like ashley.
im so blessed to have her in my life.

I love you ash!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I don't even know how to start. I will first say, I would have been upset but how could I be with you following it up with such sweet comments. I don't think you will ever know what your friendship means to me. I seriously will never be able to say as beautifully as you have how grateful I am for you! It has truly been my privilege to be with you through all of those special moments and I look forward to cheering on many more amazing moments to come! You are certainly deserving of all the most choice blessings the Lord will give. You always have a way of picking me up when I am down and you are a better friend to me than I could ever hope to be. Maybe I should start a blog just so that I can do a blogpost about you!!! Thank you for being there the other night! It was nice having you with me again but how glad I am for your happiness!! Enjoy this fun day for you and your sweetheart! Love you dearly my friend!