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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

about the author:

me having too much fun on the teacups in disneyland

a.k.a  me
a.k.a  ashlee 
Me, Myself  I.......

i think could live off mac and cheese

i hate using punctuation. these (")and these (') and caps and these (.) if you read my blog and wonder if i ever received formal education cause i dont use punctuation. caps, complete sentences or spell words wrong. i did, im just lazy. and cant spell.

i love summer, like fall, and HATE winter

i abbreviate words that normal people dont abbreviate.
    sitch (situation).
    calc (calculator).
    husb (husband).
    porfa (porfavor- thank you in spanish).
those are just a few examples. the other day i got an email from brock that said this: "this morning i said I scratched my knucks, short for knuckles, and my coworkers were like, ' what the eff??'  Anywho your use of cutting words short is rubbing off on me"

i cant bake *sad face

i cant stand nail polish on my fingernails.

i also cant stand pretzels. gag

i dont remember the last time i had my natural hair color. ive been close but its been years

i think birthdays should be a big deal.

real christmas tree only!

my bed is one of my favorite places. so mornings arent on the list of likes

according to my husband, when ive got an opinion, it takes some time to change it

i HATE doing laundry, getting gas & grocery shopping (how am i ever going to handle being a mother!?)

just the sheer thought of school gives me immediate anxiety

i used to think that i was a creative person..... till pinterest came along.

ONE WORD: coke

i love to travel and can't wait till i get to do it more.

i dont like it when blogs have playlists on them. no offense

allergies: none. that i know of. except when the husb sings reeeeallly loudly and annoyingly. i think i might be allergic to that.

im a shawty at 5'2"

i love mary poppins

The End

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