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Monday, October 31, 2011

My favorite moment from the weekend

was sleeping in all weekend AND two naps!
thats unheard of around here but it happened and it was glorious. 

and i already know what my favorite moment will be for tomorrows post: bread bowls and chili for Halloween!
yuuum. its a running tradition that i started and plan on keeping!

life is all about enjoying the small things.

what was your favorite moment from the weekend?!

Happy Halloween!!


**artist: my bosses adorable son David,
he drew these scarrrry skeletons for me!

Friday, October 28, 2011

my favorite moment

my favorite moment from yesterday was shipping with my jill!
then meeting up with my sisters and shopping with them!

friend plus sisters plus shopping makes for a good day!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

many hair phases

i am constantly changing my hair
i guess i get bored easy.

dark. light. short. long.
what next?!
bangs? naah i dont think i could pull off bangs.
maybe i will just let it be for a while.
thats a change!

My Favorite Moment

My favorite moment from yesterday was
free cafe rio lunch on the boss!

steak salad, no beans-extra rice, shredded lettuce, add salsa fresca, house dressing.

soooo good.

what was YOUR favorite moment from yesterday?
lets all take a moment to recognize and enjoy the small things of daily life!

I just got these in the mail:

and i lovvve them!

found here

Bring on the snow.
(if you must. but now im ready)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

about the author:

me having too much fun on the teacups in disneyland

a.k.a  me
a.k.a  ashlee 
Me, Myself  I.......

i think could live off mac and cheese

i hate using punctuation. these (")and these (') and caps and these (.) if you read my blog and wonder if i ever received formal education cause i dont use punctuation. caps, complete sentences or spell words wrong. i did, im just lazy. and cant spell.

i love summer, like fall, and HATE winter

i abbreviate words that normal people dont abbreviate.
    sitch (situation).
    calc (calculator).
    husb (husband).
    porfa (porfavor- thank you in spanish).
those are just a few examples. the other day i got an email from brock that said this: "this morning i said I scratched my knucks, short for knuckles, and my coworkers were like, ' what the eff??'  Anywho your use of cutting words short is rubbing off on me"

i cant bake *sad face

i cant stand nail polish on my fingernails.

i also cant stand pretzels. gag

i dont remember the last time i had my natural hair color. ive been close but its been years

i think birthdays should be a big deal.

real christmas tree only!

my bed is one of my favorite places. so mornings arent on the list of likes

according to my husband, when ive got an opinion, it takes some time to change it

i HATE doing laundry, getting gas & grocery shopping (how am i ever going to handle being a mother!?)

just the sheer thought of school gives me immediate anxiety

i used to think that i was a creative person..... till pinterest came along.

ONE WORD: coke

i love to travel and can't wait till i get to do it more.

i dont like it when blogs have playlists on them. no offense

allergies: none. that i know of. except when the husb sings reeeeallly loudly and annoyingly. i think i might be allergic to that.

im a shawty at 5'2"

i love mary poppins

The End

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

fall drive

 we took a nice drive up the canyon to see the beautiful fall leaves this weekend.
it was so beautiful and relaxing.

we are so lucky to have such beautiful seasons. 
(minus winter of course)

on our way home we stopped at the park where we got engaged

this is the exact spot it took place!

we also 'borrowed' some apples while we were there

they were perfectly crisp and delish.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Babae!

I love you very much and hope you have a wonderful birthday!

You are an amazing, funny, smart and sexy husband and im glad you were born!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Friend Is:

me ashley michelle

She is going to totally kill me for doing this, but oh well
(since my blog is basically my journal, and scrapbook and life all wrapped up in one on the www here it is!)
Ashley is the epitome of the word friend.
She is loving, loyal, fun, nice, caring, giving, selfless, funny, goofy, she tells great stories and always has such pretty teeth and toes! plus we have the same name!. And thats just the begining of her list of amazing qualities.

Ashley and I went to highschool together.
We were not friends back then, just knew who eachother was.
Our friendship began nearly 10 years later when she showed up at my singles ward.
I went up and talked to her, seeing a new face, i went to introduce myself in releif society and realize i knew her! We chatted for a second and she said she was thinking about joining the ward.
which she did.
and that was that.
I was serving in the RS presidency at the time and we were about to re organize the presidency.
I knew (well, i had a feeling) that i would be staying in the presidency and just getting a change from second councelor to first councelor. so we needed a second councelor.
i obviously had no part in this descision seeing as how that falls on the president, so i had no idea who would be called, and didnt really think about it.
the day that we got reorganized, i had this very distinct impression that our councelor would be ashley.
this was a little crazy though cause she literally had JUST joined the ward.
but, thats what happened!

she was called and we were abe to serve together. and that is where our friendship began.
we immediately hit it off. we were alike in many ways and very different in many ways. i wondered how we hadnt been friends all along.
it was that kind of thing. just immediate friends.
that was exactly a year ago this month and since then,
we have shared our deepest secrets, we have laughed laughed laughed, she has been there from the verrrry begining of me and brock. she was the first and only person to find out that we were dating, and knew the whole month long when we kept it a secret from everyone else.
 when we got engaged, when we got married and im sure she will be here when we start having kids.
she is that friend.
i love her dearly.
she has been there for the MOST special times of my life, literally BY MY SIDE.
she threw me an amazing bridal shower.
she was my escort when i received my endowments. She was my escort on my wedding day, right there up until i could be with my sweetheart. 
she stayed with me the whole day of my wedding, 
during pictures she literally fanned us, kept us hydrated, was prepared with things i didnt even think to have.
she was and is amazing!
everyone deserves a friend like ashley.
im so blessed to have her in my life.

I love you ash!

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Favorite Moment.

My Favorite moment of yesterday was
spending the evening with the girls.
Catching up, chatting and eating yummy food.
I love the girls from my old singles ward and feel blessed to have made such special friendships there.
Pics to come.

Its always nice to have a girls night here and there.
Talking about boys (in my case. boy), excersize/dieting, cooking, memories, all that jazz. 
And its even better when you get to go home to a husband afterwards! 
not aaaass fun when he is already zonked out by the time you get home. but still good ;)  

what was YOUR favorite moment of the day?!


today i definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. i was annoyed from the moment i stepped foot out of my bed and it hasnt left. boo.
at least its friday. and i can sleep in tomorrow.
ive got to turn this day around somehow.
not even my morning coke is doing the trick.
this is serious!

any suggestions? send em' my way!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Favorite Moment

My favorite moment from yesterday
was getting our 5 month home food storage supply.
what a relief to have that done!

If you are interested let me know and i will give the guy your name and number to give you a call.We went through Daily Bread.

What was YOUR favorite moment from yesterday?!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my favorite moment

my favorite moment of yesterday was
 hours of watching
Modern Family
cuddled on the couch with the husb.
i think we got through a whole disk in one sitting!

umm modern family is my new addiction.
i dont know how i have been living without this show in my life!
its too funny!

thanks to my boy for introducing us!

what was YOUR favorite moment from yesterday?!

christmas wish list 2011

Here is my christmas list. It's pretty early but here it is.
with links!

blog book


 in "campfire" or "lavender" yuuum!

Friday, October 14, 2011


today is my 10,080th
day of life.

 241,920 hours
14,515,200 minutes
870,912,000 seconds

(yes, i got bored sidetracked at work)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

National Debt Clock.

wanna see something CRAZY?
check out the national debt clock. it is in real time.
it is a little sickening if you ask me.

check it out here

My Favorite Moment

my favorite moment of yesterday was
i got in some real good shopping.
i found a coat that i love for only $32
and got our pictures outfits.  that sounds rediculous.... i dont like the word outfits. almost like we are having out class pictures done and we needed new outfits. but we did need new clothes so thats what i did!

another favorite moment was emailing back and forth with my (outta state) mother in law.
she is so sweet and pretty spunky! i lucked out in the in law department that for sure.
and got a good pumpkin cookie recipe that im going to try out tonight to take to some new neighbors.

what was YOUR favorite moment of the day?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


brock and i are having our pictures done this weekend.
im really excited.
our photographer is literally the sweetest.
she had me in tears the other day as we went back and forth through facebook emails.
she is offering to do our pictures for free because of our wedding pics mosfortune.
seriously how nice is that.
she said 
 my gift to you, i just seriously feel sick about what happened to you and although it wasn't my fault i want to help you in any way i can and i can do that by giving you both great photos
seriously. so so sweet. i don't think she will ever know how much it means.

she does amazing stuff.

check her out here and here

its all so fresh and vibrant and she has a great eye.
can't wait!

just gotta figure out what we are wearing!

i was going to try to recreate some of our wedding pics, and rerent my dress, but i started having second thoughts about that becuase of the emotion of trying to recreate those irreplacable moments.
 trying to portray the feelings and the emotions that we felt and shared that day would be impossible.
so we changed the plan.
Jen has been so amazingly understanding as i change my mind and its made this alot easier

now if i could just learn how to be photogenic and cute before friday!

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Favorite Moment

Yesterday my favorite moment was playing with my sisters new baby kitty
It was so sweet!
It's nice when others have pets, cause you can play with them and you dont have to take them home with you.
They are like babies....
They are fun to play with when you know you don't have to take them home!

I had alot more favorite moments yesterday, like
laughing lauging lauging during the weekly wray fam volleyball game. so fun!
and cuddling up with the husb to a movie, and trying a new recipe for sunday dinner, and having a sing fest on our drive home. making up words to phantom of the opera songs! and playing cashflow, just the two of us, and sleeping in.

Weekends are just heaven. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Favorite Moment

Waking up to a cold rainy day and being able to go right back to sleep
3 big comfy warm blankets made for a nice cozy morning.

i WISH i could do that every day!

What was YOUR favorite moment of the day?!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Favorite Moment

Coming home from work on a rainy day to home made soup (which im going to post the recipe cause its so dang good!) and my husband.
Cuddling up to watch phantom of the opera before our dinner guest arrived.

perfect cold rainy day.....cuddling, movie and soup!

What was Your favorite moment of the day?!

My Favorite Moment

I'm adding a little feature to my blog and im calling it
"My Favorite Moment"
Each day I will pick my favorite moment from the day before.
I think this will help me really take in life and recognize special little moments that cause some sort of emotion that i want to remember.
I may not be able to blog my favorite moment every day, but will when i can.
(the downside of no internet at home, bogging is not easily accessible all the time)

So, yesterday (which is now 2 days ago since i forgot to post this after i wrote it. ya im cool),
my favorite moment was:

Laying in bed last night with my husband, each of us consumed in the books we are reading,
brock reached over just to touch my arm, letting me know he was there, and even though he was totally consumed in his book, that small gesture let me know he still knows im right next to him and he wanted to let me know. 
One of my favorite things is when brock is occupied with something/someone else, but takes a moment to touch me, or look at me, or send a wink my way to let me know he still recognizes that im right next to him, always.

side note: i have a feeling that most of "my favorite moments" will be at that time of day, when brock and i have conveined to our beds for the night. this is where most of our talking, lots of lauging, and reading happen. its the perfect end to every single day.

what was YOUR favorite moment of the day?

a funny for you...

Monday, October 3, 2011

weekend recap

i had a verrry relaxing weekend.
dont beleive me..... keep reading.

came home from work to a studying husband.
i had an abundance of energy so a little rock session with the husb to some new itunes tunes was a must
after that, i was still full of energy so brock made some suggestions for friday night activities:
grocery shipping...
none of which i felt like doing cause i was feeling lazy. even though they would definitely all help with the excess of energy.
instead we stayed in and hung out. just the two of us. (a personal fav)

i have been waaaaiting for ths time of year for ONE reason and one reason only
from here
They got a new location, still in the avenues, so we went to check it out, with one thing in mind. the ice cream. it is soooooooo GOOD. i made just one mistake, and that was to let my ice cream lovin husband get his grimey little paws on it. lets just say i bought a pint of it and ate much much less than that! that little bugger!
 we rented "something borrowed" which i hated. it was about cheating. and tried to make it look fun and glamerous. STUPID movie. oh well
bed by 10.

woke up at 6 to make my boy breakfast before his big test and pack him some snacks.
sent him off then went back to bed for  a few hours.
woke up and watched "how to lose a guy in 10 days."
then spent the afternoon in the kitchen.
I attempted bagels and cinnamon rolls.
the bagels turned out. kind of. and the cinnamon rolls once again, were a disgrace. im close to giving up on baked goods. but with a husband who is slightly obsessed with baked goods, i dont think thats an option. so try try again, i will.

then some lounging while listening to general conference.
im soo excited for the temple in paris. france is my all time favorite place. i was only there for a matter of hours and i instantly fell in love and want to go back sooooo bad. thats saying alot because i always want to go to places i have never been before so to want to go back to somewhere i have already been is big. and now there is just one more amazing reason to get back there. not to mention that is where brocks grandma was from (which i just learned).

after 4 hours of lounging through conference, while my husband was a preisthood, i had the dreadfull assignment to go grocery shopping. (i hate this chore more than most)
but...instead, i went to sleep! from 6-9!
it was soooooo good.
you know when you get a good nap and the sleep is perfect. yep.
then we watched
that was a cute/funny movie.
then bed.

slept in. if you can call 8:30 sleeping in.
made some yumy muffins.
watched conference.
did eye spy
more conference
made oatmeal choc chip cookies, which turned into one BIG cookie stuck to the pan.
another reason i want to give up on baking. (nothing ever turns out right)
steak dinner with the fam
then bed.

so basicalllly my weekend consisted of:
and more sleeping.

it was divine!!