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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

stupid winter

as me and the husb,
 (thats wht i have been calling him lately and he laughs every time becuase of how rediculous it sounds and i agree but i shorten everything. its fun. so husb it is.)
annnyways, as we left for work this morning i stopped at the end of the porch while he locked the door behind us.
he made a perfectly accurate assumption by saying the following:
"i can just imagine you walking out here every morning in the winter with this face on."
he then showed me my 'mad face'
and he is absolutely RIGHT.
i told him im already pissed about it and its not even here

im dreading it already. trudging through the stupid freezing snow to get to my freezing car.
scraping the windsheild of frozen ice.
white knuckles as i drive to work in the stupid stuff.
arriving to work with the bottom of my pants soaking wet.
having to wear fingerless gloves at work cause my hands never seem to warm up when they are needed at the keyboard all day.
having a blanket shoved in my desk drawer to try and warm myself up, even though the heater is on and im wering my coat. INSIDE.

im NOT excited. not one single bit.
i can only hope to just get snowed in all winter

all i can do to get through it is....
 hope that someday i live somewhere that i can wear flip flops year round.
and, day dream about my garden next spring/summer
and, take advantage of the perfect cuddling conditions
and, eat lots of hot soup.

its coming all to quickly.
i feel bad for fall because i hardly have time to enjoy its beauty before i start fretting about the snow that is soon to follow and diagnosing myself with seasonal depression!

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