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Thursday, September 29, 2011


another randoms post...

  • i already have my christmas list constructed, i post it here every year but im going to wait a bit incase i need to make some additions. its still a little early
  • the husb has a birthday coming up and im exciiiiited!
  • conference this weekend. CANT WAIT! i plan on bunkering down all weekend in the comfort of my cozy house to listen (since no tv in the norton household) to it. (except sunday afternoon cause we are going to go to the conference center to see the prophet and apostles live in living color!) brock is taking the gmat on saturday morning so while i listen to the cherished words of our church leaders ill be making sweet cinnamon rolls to have warm and waiting when he returns.
  • we have been cell phone-less for a couple weeks. and i have to admit, its kinda nice. i never would have imagined, me, the "crackberry addict" would be ok without a phone! i dont think i could do it for much longer but its physically possible to live without a cell phone (and tv and internet) and im living proof! i do miss a few things though, like having my calandar at hand, i forget everything and my phone would hold everything that i needed to remember. for example, the dinner appt we I made to have the missionaries over and forgot about. OOPS. and the camera at hand, and making notes on my phone.
  • last night brock and i went to a real estate club meeting and there was a wedding reception going on down the hall and i had a mini emotional melt down when i let the fact that i have no wedding pics get to me. as much as i am trying to just move on and get over it, every now and then the though and reminder come back to prick me. like when my friends all post their wedding pics on facebook, or when i see the empty frame hanging on my wall that i was going to fill with wedding pics. yes i have yet to take it down, or put 'alternate' pictures in it. (*#$^&*()*&^%$ stupid stupid photographer.
  • i have been learning more about the economy, past present and future, and it makes me hate our govt. its a joke what they are doing and getting away with. its time that we have to take things into our own little hands and protect ourselves and our familes and prepare for the worst, which is coming. its quite shocking actually. ive never really paid attention to what was happening in our govt, and now that i am, im peeved!
  • what a lovely fall we have had so far! still super warm!
  • i ditched my birth control. (not ready for kids yet so we are taking alternate measures) i may do a post all by itself about this but i have never felt better. i have a dr appt on the 5th and im praying that she has a better alternative to what i was on. it was hell. (bless my husband for putting up with me while i was on it. seriously.)
  • i have had the sweetest offer from a good friends sister, that i grew up with. she has offered to take some pics of brock and i since we didnt get any pics from our wedding day. i am going to re rent my dress and have her do some pics for us! seriously, how generous is that. i'll be doing another post on that once it actually happens. she does awesome stuff! im excited

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