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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my best friend

many most of you dont know brock like i do.
the brock that i fell in love with and married.
the brock that i am going to spend eternity with.
so here is a little introduction of my hot husband.

Benjamin Brock Norton
yep his name is benjamin. no one calls him that.
the first time i told my sisters that they said "you should call him ben, i like that better than brock."
but i love 'Brock'.
it's a strong name, just like him.

Brock graduated From BYU Idaho in business finance.
He is currently taking a GMAT prep course to get into grad school.

Brock is MANY amazing things and has SO many amazing qualities.

to name a few he is:
level headed

Brock is very self motivated. He makes things happen. When he puts his mind to something, its going to get done. He makes lonnnng term goals and completes them. He is so very dedicated and driven when he puts his mind to it. He recognizes when he needs to change/improve and does what it takes

Brock has the best communication with me (and others). He has taught me how to communicate honestly and openly with his example. A lesson i will always cherish and will benefit our lives forever.

Some of Brock's quarks.....

he writes in cursive ALWAYS
his hands shake all the time. like an old man.
he is a cRAzzzzzzy sleeper. im talkin kicking, jumping, running in his sleep. i basically have to sleep with one eye open!
rosy cheeks.
he is very particular about most things and very organized.
Brock will turn aaaanything into a song.
he doesnt like watermelon. pfft crazy right!?
but he sure loves his desserts!

Brock is an amazing husband. Like literally. He puts up with so much from me and does it very graciously. He isnt normally a very patient person, but when it comes to me his patience is outstanding. I am so dang lucky to have such a caring and sweet husband who strives to live right and be a friend and an example to those around him. 
i don't know how i got so lucky, but im going to keep him around.

oh and..... he has the freakin sexiest dimples.
oh and....he is funny.

ok i'm done.

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