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Thursday, September 8, 2011

long weekend

friday was our 2 month anniversary so we went out to dinner. 
he hit up cafe trio which was yUmmy.
perfect evening for some patio dining.

followed by a romantic grocery shopping session and a movie night.

saturday i woke up bright and early to hit up some yard sales with the sisters. which is one of my favorite things to do.
i found some great stuff and the inspiration for my bedroom makeover/design. i forgot to take pics so i'll post them later. then some errands, and an afternoon movie with my boy. we watched "another year" i can honestly say it was THE dumbest movie i have ever seen. i don't know how it was even released to DVD, no joke.
we also hid our first ever geocache! we did it near the spot that we got engaged!
 if you're a cacher, go find ours!!
here we are at the bench where my sweetheart proposed.

sunday was nothing special. 
monday we slept in a bit then worked on the yard. 
there is a cement pad in our back yard that we got rid of. 
that was some hard work. luckily my husband is a hard worker!
i spent most of my day in the kitchen making home made pizza dough, home made salsa, and spaghetti salad. 
i wish i could spend more days like that. just cooking in the kitchen.
then we had a little house warming party for my side of the family to come see our new house. 
it was an over all success.
then some volleyball with the fam. 
it is sooo nice to have a long weekend! 
we have been lucky enough to have 2 in a row! 

last weekend we went to Aspen Grove with the Norton side and had lots of fun in the beautiful mountains playing lots of volleyball, swimming, pingpong, and racket ball.
sadly i didnt really get any pictures. 
on our way back we dropped off rachel to BYU. she is a freshmen this year and off on a new big adventure.
her roomates were so nice and welcoming so i had to get a pic.

i think that just about does it for our little weekend... and last.


  1. Your hair is so cute! Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun!

  2. LOVE THE HAIR CUT!!!! Cant wait to see it in person!