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Friday, September 2, 2011

change of season...

the air is getting a little crisper these days.
mornings are cooler, which means one thing:
cool morning cuddles.
im finding that there are few things that are better than waking up in the morning, your husband next to you, the window open, and the perfect amount of cool crisp morning air.
it makes for some awesome cuddling!

as you may know, i HATE winter.
and LOVE summer.
that leaves just LIKE for fall and spring.
but i do like many things about fall. except for what comes after it.

FALL through my eyes looks like:

cooler air
beautiful changing leaves
more cuddles
gereral conference
darker hair
canyon drives
lots of family birthdays
tights and leggings

i'm feeling like fall might make for a nice little change right about now.

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