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Monday, September 26, 2011

bragging rights

since this is MY blog, i can say what i want, and you can choose to read it... or not read it.
i am going to take this opportunity to brag a little.

{disclaimer}: in no way shape or form is my life perfect, nor do i think it is. my husband is not perfect and neither is our relationship. im not going to EVER pretend it is. but i do have a pretty dang good husband and and way blessed to have him.

so here is it.

my husband is the best and i love him so much.
i get a kiss on the cheek and an "i love you" everynight.
a hug and kiss send me off to conquer the day. 
when i come home from conquering the day, dinner is ready and waiting.
ummm HELLLLLO! he makes dinner almost every night!
he packs my toothbrush for me when we go out of town
(which is something i almost always forget to pack)
he is working so hard to get into grad school so that he can provide for his family.
he is way more undersatnding than i deserve
not to mention he rocks a beard!
and those dimples......oh my word.

i know i have said it before but im just so lucky and blessed.
i really do love him a little more every single day.
it sounds so cliche, but it's true!

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