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Friday, September 9, 2011


As I am listening to all my talk radio programs this morning
(97.1 morning zoo podcast, X96 radio from hell morning show and KSL news radio)
they are allllll talking about the 10th anniversary of Sept 11.
Blog posts and facebook statuses and news reports released audio tapes and pics and and and... will start flooding the internet.
Where were you on September 11 will be the topic of conversation this weekend. The country will be on alert for anniversary attacks.
All I have to say about it is, it's still SO hard to hear all this.
I had to force myself to listen to people I don't know, call in to these radio stations, recalling their memory of that single day that changed our country. I, along with the rest of America will never forget where they were or what they were doing or what feelings that they had when this happened.

We are lucky to live in the country that we do, and we are lucky that there are brave men and women here to defend it.

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