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Thursday, September 29, 2011


another randoms post...

  • i already have my christmas list constructed, i post it here every year but im going to wait a bit incase i need to make some additions. its still a little early
  • the husb has a birthday coming up and im exciiiiited!
  • conference this weekend. CANT WAIT! i plan on bunkering down all weekend in the comfort of my cozy house to listen (since no tv in the norton household) to it. (except sunday afternoon cause we are going to go to the conference center to see the prophet and apostles live in living color!) brock is taking the gmat on saturday morning so while i listen to the cherished words of our church leaders ill be making sweet cinnamon rolls to have warm and waiting when he returns.
  • we have been cell phone-less for a couple weeks. and i have to admit, its kinda nice. i never would have imagined, me, the "crackberry addict" would be ok without a phone! i dont think i could do it for much longer but its physically possible to live without a cell phone (and tv and internet) and im living proof! i do miss a few things though, like having my calandar at hand, i forget everything and my phone would hold everything that i needed to remember. for example, the dinner appt we I made to have the missionaries over and forgot about. OOPS. and the camera at hand, and making notes on my phone.
  • last night brock and i went to a real estate club meeting and there was a wedding reception going on down the hall and i had a mini emotional melt down when i let the fact that i have no wedding pics get to me. as much as i am trying to just move on and get over it, every now and then the though and reminder come back to prick me. like when my friends all post their wedding pics on facebook, or when i see the empty frame hanging on my wall that i was going to fill with wedding pics. yes i have yet to take it down, or put 'alternate' pictures in it. (*#$^&*()*&^%$ stupid stupid photographer.
  • i have been learning more about the economy, past present and future, and it makes me hate our govt. its a joke what they are doing and getting away with. its time that we have to take things into our own little hands and protect ourselves and our familes and prepare for the worst, which is coming. its quite shocking actually. ive never really paid attention to what was happening in our govt, and now that i am, im peeved!
  • what a lovely fall we have had so far! still super warm!
  • i ditched my birth control. (not ready for kids yet so we are taking alternate measures) i may do a post all by itself about this but i have never felt better. i have a dr appt on the 5th and im praying that she has a better alternative to what i was on. it was hell. (bless my husband for putting up with me while i was on it. seriously.)
  • i have had the sweetest offer from a good friends sister, that i grew up with. she has offered to take some pics of brock and i since we didnt get any pics from our wedding day. i am going to re rent my dress and have her do some pics for us! seriously, how generous is that. i'll be doing another post on that once it actually happens. she does awesome stuff! im excited

Monday, September 26, 2011

bragging rights

since this is MY blog, i can say what i want, and you can choose to read it... or not read it.
i am going to take this opportunity to brag a little.

{disclaimer}: in no way shape or form is my life perfect, nor do i think it is. my husband is not perfect and neither is our relationship. im not going to EVER pretend it is. but i do have a pretty dang good husband and and way blessed to have him.

so here is it.

my husband is the best and i love him so much.
i get a kiss on the cheek and an "i love you" everynight.
a hug and kiss send me off to conquer the day. 
when i come home from conquering the day, dinner is ready and waiting.
ummm HELLLLLO! he makes dinner almost every night!
he packs my toothbrush for me when we go out of town
(which is something i almost always forget to pack)
he is working so hard to get into grad school so that he can provide for his family.
he is way more undersatnding than i deserve
not to mention he rocks a beard!
and those dimples......oh my word.

i know i have said it before but im just so lucky and blessed.
i really do love him a little more every single day.
it sounds so cliche, but it's true!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

stupid winter

as me and the husb,
 (thats wht i have been calling him lately and he laughs every time becuase of how rediculous it sounds and i agree but i shorten everything. its fun. so husb it is.)
annnyways, as we left for work this morning i stopped at the end of the porch while he locked the door behind us.
he made a perfectly accurate assumption by saying the following:
"i can just imagine you walking out here every morning in the winter with this face on."
he then showed me my 'mad face'
and he is absolutely RIGHT.
i told him im already pissed about it and its not even here

im dreading it already. trudging through the stupid freezing snow to get to my freezing car.
scraping the windsheild of frozen ice.
white knuckles as i drive to work in the stupid stuff.
arriving to work with the bottom of my pants soaking wet.
having to wear fingerless gloves at work cause my hands never seem to warm up when they are needed at the keyboard all day.
having a blanket shoved in my desk drawer to try and warm myself up, even though the heater is on and im wering my coat. INSIDE.

im NOT excited. not one single bit.
i can only hope to just get snowed in all winter

all i can do to get through it is....
 hope that someday i live somewhere that i can wear flip flops year round.
and, day dream about my garden next spring/summer
and, take advantage of the perfect cuddling conditions
and, eat lots of hot soup.

its coming all to quickly.
i feel bad for fall because i hardly have time to enjoy its beauty before i start fretting about the snow that is soon to follow and diagnosing myself with seasonal depression!

Monday, September 19, 2011


i have a very good friend who has Neurofibromatosis
Her name is Meleea, and she is definitely one of the more selfless, friendly people i know. 
Meleea is ALWAYS trying to include everyone around her in whatever is going on.
She is such a wonderful friend and I am grateful for her friendship and her example. 
She does not let this bring her down. Beside the physical evidence of this disease, you wouldn't know anything was wrong because she is so positive and puts others before herself.

See Meleea's story here

There is an NF walk on Oct 1st and you can donate here 

If you are able, please support the cause and Meleea in helping to find a cure for this disease.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

For Sale!!



$10.00 EACH

$275 OBO $250.00 price reduced!


$60.00 EACH



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

finally friday!!

ya for friday!
do you have any fun plans this weekend?!
we are babysitting nephew cole till tomorrow morning, then driving to jackson hole to support brother kyle who is doing the lotoja 2011 race.  its 206 miles in one day. WTF?! ya crazy.
its going to be a alot of driving but should be fun.
any road trip suggestions?
or suggestions of what we do while we are there?
i've never been there before.
what do i NEED to see/do/eat while im there?

happy weekend everyone!

.....stay tuned for my first ever blog giveaway!!


As I am listening to all my talk radio programs this morning
(97.1 morning zoo podcast, X96 radio from hell morning show and KSL news radio)
they are allllll talking about the 10th anniversary of Sept 11.
Blog posts and facebook statuses and news reports released audio tapes and pics and and and... will start flooding the internet.
Where were you on September 11 will be the topic of conversation this weekend. The country will be on alert for anniversary attacks.
All I have to say about it is, it's still SO hard to hear all this.
I had to force myself to listen to people I don't know, call in to these radio stations, recalling their memory of that single day that changed our country. I, along with the rest of America will never forget where they were or what they were doing or what feelings that they had when this happened.

We are lucky to live in the country that we do, and we are lucky that there are brave men and women here to defend it.

wedding pics

since i don't have any wedding pics from my lame photographer, i have gone though ones people at our wedding took. there are a few good ones so here they are...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

long weekend

friday was our 2 month anniversary so we went out to dinner. 
he hit up cafe trio which was yUmmy.
perfect evening for some patio dining.

followed by a romantic grocery shopping session and a movie night.

saturday i woke up bright and early to hit up some yard sales with the sisters. which is one of my favorite things to do.
i found some great stuff and the inspiration for my bedroom makeover/design. i forgot to take pics so i'll post them later. then some errands, and an afternoon movie with my boy. we watched "another year" i can honestly say it was THE dumbest movie i have ever seen. i don't know how it was even released to DVD, no joke.
we also hid our first ever geocache! we did it near the spot that we got engaged!
 if you're a cacher, go find ours!!
here we are at the bench where my sweetheart proposed.

sunday was nothing special. 
monday we slept in a bit then worked on the yard. 
there is a cement pad in our back yard that we got rid of. 
that was some hard work. luckily my husband is a hard worker!
i spent most of my day in the kitchen making home made pizza dough, home made salsa, and spaghetti salad. 
i wish i could spend more days like that. just cooking in the kitchen.
then we had a little house warming party for my side of the family to come see our new house. 
it was an over all success.
then some volleyball with the fam. 
it is sooo nice to have a long weekend! 
we have been lucky enough to have 2 in a row! 

last weekend we went to Aspen Grove with the Norton side and had lots of fun in the beautiful mountains playing lots of volleyball, swimming, pingpong, and racket ball.
sadly i didnt really get any pictures. 
on our way back we dropped off rachel to BYU. she is a freshmen this year and off on a new big adventure.
her roomates were so nice and welcoming so i had to get a pic.

i think that just about does it for our little weekend... and last.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my best friend

many most of you dont know brock like i do.
the brock that i fell in love with and married.
the brock that i am going to spend eternity with.
so here is a little introduction of my hot husband.

Benjamin Brock Norton
yep his name is benjamin. no one calls him that.
the first time i told my sisters that they said "you should call him ben, i like that better than brock."
but i love 'Brock'.
it's a strong name, just like him.

Brock graduated From BYU Idaho in business finance.
He is currently taking a GMAT prep course to get into grad school.

Brock is MANY amazing things and has SO many amazing qualities.

to name a few he is:
level headed

Brock is very self motivated. He makes things happen. When he puts his mind to something, its going to get done. He makes lonnnng term goals and completes them. He is so very dedicated and driven when he puts his mind to it. He recognizes when he needs to change/improve and does what it takes

Brock has the best communication with me (and others). He has taught me how to communicate honestly and openly with his example. A lesson i will always cherish and will benefit our lives forever.

Some of Brock's quarks.....

he writes in cursive ALWAYS
his hands shake all the time. like an old man.
he is a cRAzzzzzzy sleeper. im talkin kicking, jumping, running in his sleep. i basically have to sleep with one eye open!
rosy cheeks.
he is very particular about most things and very organized.
Brock will turn aaaanything into a song.
he doesnt like watermelon. pfft crazy right!?
but he sure loves his desserts!

Brock is an amazing husband. Like literally. He puts up with so much from me and does it very graciously. He isnt normally a very patient person, but when it comes to me his patience is outstanding. I am so dang lucky to have such a caring and sweet husband who strives to live right and be a friend and an example to those around him. 
i don't know how i got so lucky, but im going to keep him around.

oh and..... he has the freakin sexiest dimples.
oh and....he is funny.

ok i'm done.

i wish i could...

work outside today.
its perfect out there.
sun, slight breeze, perfect temp.
all i would need are these and i'd be in heaven

dare me to ask my boss?!

upcoming posts....

i have a few big things to blog about coming up here soon.
maybe tonight while my man is studying ill get around to them.

stay tuned for:

DIY weekend projects
labor day
thirft finds
the husband
my first ever.....BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

change of season...

the air is getting a little crisper these days.
mornings are cooler, which means one thing:
cool morning cuddles.
im finding that there are few things that are better than waking up in the morning, your husband next to you, the window open, and the perfect amount of cool crisp morning air.
it makes for some awesome cuddling!

as you may know, i HATE winter.
and LOVE summer.
that leaves just LIKE for fall and spring.
but i do like many things about fall. except for what comes after it.

FALL through my eyes looks like:

cooler air
beautiful changing leaves
more cuddles
gereral conference
darker hair
canyon drives
lots of family birthdays
tights and leggings

i'm feeling like fall might make for a nice little change right about now.