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Monday, August 29, 2011

your wedding day...

you know, the day when all your dreams come true.
all eyes are on you
you have just married the man you will spend forever with
everything goes perfectly.
your friends and close family surround you with love and support.
you have a photographer there taking pictures to catch these special moments that you will cherish forever.
moments that you will show your kids and grandkids.
moments that you will never get back. you will never relive, except through these beautiful pictures. 

once your wedding day is over you immediately start looking forward to getting your pictures back.
you display them proudly in your home.
you post them on face book, on your blog, you send them to your mom.
you look at them over and over again, remembering your perfect day.
generations will see these pictures.

if you're married, you know what i'm talking about. 
and if you are married you might be able to understand the devestation and horror of having your photographer call you to tell you that he has lost your wedding pictures. 
they are gone.

thats what just happened to me.

my worst nightmare has come to fruition.

why me?


  1. I really hope you are joking.

    That is the WORST. THING. EVER.

    I think I might cry for you right now... :(

    Is there really nothing to be done?

  2. i am so sorry.
    that is horrible.
    i kind of had a scare like that and i was NOT a happy camper.
    get all the pictures from friends/family asap!
    sooo soo sorry!

  3. Oh, Ashlee! I'm just sick for you. Really, worst thing ever. Just sick...

  4. Oh ash I'm so sorry, that is horrible! How could a photographer do that! I'm so so sorry!