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Monday, August 15, 2011

sometimes i feel like a....

crazy b-word. and i probably am

recently brock and i got rid of my phone and i am using his now (and his phone number) saving us like 90 bucks a month.
its been great.

before brock and i got married he deleted all the girls phone numbers from his phone.
probably cause he knows im a crazy jealous b word when it comes to other girls.
but that was sweet of him to ease some of my crazy jealousy.

anyways since he deleted his numbers and im using the phone and since we are still newly marreid, sometimes (like hardly ever) random numbers will come up.  today i replied to a text from one and said "hey whose this?"
the reply was a girls name.

um ok he is married now girl. leave him alone.

its taking every thing in me not to release the b-word in me (cause its there)
and reply to her.

luckily my sweet husband just reasures me that he doesnt care who it is and doesnt care to reply or have contact with the girls from his past. yet im stil crazy about it. poor boy!

gahhh. tell me that im not the only one like this please!!

or maybe i am and i just have issues. you can tell me that too.


  1. ha!
    you're not crazy.
    i'm not a very jealous person, but i can understand where you're coming from.
    it's annoying. you trust your husband, but you don't trust other females.
    girls hit on my hubby way too much... like they ask for his number or if he wants to go get lunch.
    he always says, "i'll have to see if that's ok with my wife..."
    it's pretty funny. especially when he turns around to point me out to them, and i wave.
    they usually run off.
    i think you have every right to reply to them after they tell you who it is... and maybe just say something like, "oh hi. this is his wife. we share a phone now but i'll let him know you were trying to get a hold of him."
    pretty sure they won't write back any time soon :)


  2. I've realized that I only get jealous because I've spoken to someone I shouldn't have while dating someone (Even though it was completely harmless). Maybe your jealousy just comes from the feelings you have about breaking off past friendships with exes or moments when you've upset other girls by talking to an ex or a guy friend in a way that made someone her feel insecure. Sometimes its best to look at what YOU are doing or have done that it adding to why you are insecure about your relationship with Brock. Without trust you lose sincerity of the relationship.