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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


its been a while since i did one of my random thoughts posts so here it is

1. my husband speaks spanish and when he does, i think he is even sexier.

2. i think i have figured out the reason to my unstable emotions lately that i mentioned here.     BIRTH CONTROL not marriage like i so naively thought! so dumb. did/do any of you have this same problem?

3. i keep saying that i am going to give my blog a makeover and i still havent. i hate the way it looks and im scared to mess with it in fear i might really mess it up! but i want cute fonts and crap.

4. where has summer gone? i havent even been camping ONCE! hopefully that will change this weeknd as brock and i have tentitively planned our first cmaping trip together. hope it actually happens

5. i SUCK at cooking

6. i forgot what it was like to be in a family ward, and its talking me alot longer that i thought to adjust. i miss the singles wards where fast and testimony meeting was just that. testimonies. not young woman age girls talking about the pranks they played on eachother all week at girls camp. (no joke thats what our sacrament meeting consisted of.) 

7. speaking of young woman age girls, i am SO glad that i wasn't called into young womens. that age group of girls and me just would not work well together. i feel so rude saying this (cause i am) but they just bug the crap out of me : /  and yes, im sure when i was that age i was JUST as annoying and though i wasnt. i feel so bad for all my young women leaders now.

8.  blogging=happiness

9. i have become a regular reader and journal writer (both of which i love to do)! marriage is doing wonders on me

10. still hate using punctuation and capatalizing words when needs be. that will never change.
deal wid it yo'

11. school... i can't even go there right now.

12. the names people are coming up with these days for their babies are rediculous. life for reals. i cringe at some of them and feel so bad for the kids who receive them.

13. life is good

14. why do i feel like winter is just around the corner? im already DREADING it. like fore reals. i need to somehow plot a scheme to get me and my husband out of this state in the next couple months before that white crap starts falling and i can no longer wear flip flops. someone help me plot this!


  1. i'm going to have to agree with you on the baby names.
    i hate asking people what their babies names are. it's so awkward when they tell me & i think it sounds awful, then try to pretend it was a good choice.

  2. I told you on the birth control lol

  3. Ha. I love your random thoughts.

    And I'm the same way with birth control. It makes me a crazy emo woman! Life just seems easier without it. :)

    So excited to keep up with you on your blog!

  4. I now I few people who get like that with birth control. I am the 1st counselor in the YW right now and it has been the best calling I have ever had I absolutely LOVE it! We just got back from girls camp today we had a great time it was so much fun, we have the best girls, and I love them all so much!

  5. 7. You weren't annoying, you were wonderful!
    3. I love your blog and think it's darling and ultimately readable!
    10. I totally agree! And it drives me nuts that my iPad fixes it for me!
    12. I just named my baby jack, so I think you can be clear on how I feel about crazy names....:)
    12. 14. Don't you know you're supposed to spell it "freals"? :). It's a favorite at our house.
    Your loving yw leader tami