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Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Motivation: Starting Weight

so this is the first monday since i started my 20 lb goal.
I weighed myself after i wrote this and came in at 153.5 lbs
yep there it is. my weight in the www.
ok moving on. i weighed in this morning at 151 lbs
thats a loss of 2.5 lbs.
who knows if this means anything cause my weight is about as stable as the utah weather.
bur once i get out of the 150's that will be the real test. i havent been in the 140's for years. literally.
so once i hit that i will feel that much closer to my goal.
im doing just two things.
portion control and excersizing.
im doing jillian michaels 30 day shred and let me tell you, that thing is not easy.
but it feels good once im done. its only a 20 minute workout but im wanting to die about 10 minutes into it and im only on level one (of 3).
im going to keep up with that, and watch my portions.
i dont eat out or eat much sweets or junk food so that helps as well of course.

so heres to a good week of more weight loss and staying motivated!!

ps. here is a link to the other weightloss blog i will be 'guest posting' on


  1. I am doing the shred it too! Maybe we can motivate each other? I just want to keep active and running is not on my list of favorite things right now. how often are you doing it? 5x week?

  2. That's awesome ash, good job! One thing I notice when I work out is that I don't lose the pounds for a long time, but I lose the inches, I suggest to take measurements, it feels great to see the inches you lose since sometimes it's hard to tell with just weighing in, my dr told me that she always gains weight when she excersizes because of the muscle gain. It's suggested to measure your waist, hips, thighs, chest, and upper arms, you can find the right way to measure these online. It really helped me feel better when I did this because like I said my weight wouldn't change much but my inches would so it helped me to see that it was actually making a difference even if it didn't show on the scale.

  3. I agree with Step. Do measurements. Though I haven't lost much weight I have lost 4 inches off my stomach already. The shred does get easier. I love doing it. I personally think that level 1 is a better workout. I feel like I get a better overall workout from it and my abs feel better then they do on level 2. Have yet to try level 3. Soon. Keep up the great work.