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Monday, August 8, 2011

let it be known

i cant cook. or bake for that matter

this week i had the highest of hopes.
lots on the menu.


jill made these look so fantastic, and this is one of brocks all time favorites.
cinnamon rolls.
i thought what a good wife i would be if i could make these for my sweet husband.
no such luck.

these arent just a quick little thing to whip up.
they take time and effort.
which i had.
they also take baking knowlege and skill, which i dont have.
so needless to say, they didnt turn out.
my dough didnt rise like it should have.
and they also came out hard.

my cooking/baking credentials are very limited and i want to change that.
but this kinda crap is getting me no where!

you better believe there will be another attempt at these. and hopefully they turn out better next time around. if they do, ill be trying these. i tasted these first hand and they were delicious.

lesson learned this weekend:
 upsets in the kitchen can be very discouraging.

better luck next time

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