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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

la noche de miel

thats spanish for

we decided to go to texas on our honeymoon.
for the story on how we decided on that location, go here

we stayed in salt lake at the hilton the night we were married
 and then flew out the next morning bright and early.

we had a layover in dallas which was supposed to be a few hours, but turned into an over night stay. 
here's the story....
we boarded our flight from dallas to brownsville only to be told that the co pilot for the flight was no where to be found. they had us wait on the plane till they decided what was to be done. we waited..and waited.. and finally they had us de board the plane.
we then sat in the terminal and waited.. and waited.. only to find out that our flight had been cancelled. 
here we are, on the first day of our honeymoon, stuck in the airport in dallas.
no in our destination when we should be sitting at the pool.

long story short, we ended up staying in dallas for free, with free meals and flew out the next morning. 
the hotel we were staying at in south padre extended our stay for an extra night since we missed the first night due to our cancelled flight, so it all turned out ok. we ended up getting a free extra day of honeymooning. so rather than coming home on wednesday we cam home thursday. 
no complaints. (other than the 7 hours spent in the airport. no bueno) 

finally we arrived in south padre, rented a car (we got a little red cobalt!), stopped at best buy for a little wedding gift purchase, a GPS and headed to our hotel. 

some of the things we enjoyed most on our honeymoon:

bluebell ice cream
the beach
the sun
the fireworks
bluebell ice cream
alone time
bluebell ice cream
time away
eating alot

did i mention bluebell ice cream?!

my husband is a huge ice cream eater. 
me, not so much
my husband grew up in texas, where the infamous bluebell ice cream is sold. 
let me tell you this, 
it's all it's hyped up to be.
this coming from a non ice cream eater.
if you ever have the experience of tasting it, you have to try the cookies n'cream and the butter crunch.
oh my gosh. so good.
embarrassing fact:
the last day we were in south padre we literally went to every gas station and convenient store on the island looking for the butter crunch flavor. we must have got the last pint on the whole island the first time we got it cause there was none to be found. 

annyways, we also got to enjoy fireworks since we were there over the 4th of July. If you know me, you know my favorite holiday is the 4th and one of my favorite things are fireworks. and i got both while on my honeymoon. it was really great. they shot them off over the harbor. we went back to our hotel and there were people doing more on the beach so we had our own little private show from our hotel balcony. 
it was perfect. 
sitting there on the balcony with my new husband, over looking the ocean, eating bluebell ice cream, perfect weather, and fireworks.
it really was perfect. 

we also went to a couple movies while we were there. 
green lantern and transformers. 
i fell asleep through transformers. 

we ate alot.
a few good places on the island, but the best one was the last night we were there. 
Louies backyard. we ate on the water at sunset with the most gorgeous sunset and a mariachi band playing. 
it was amazing. 

we layed out at the pool, went to the beach, played, laughed and relaxed.
there isnt much  is nothing i would have changed. 
it was a great start to our marriage.
i just want to go back already!

here are some pics of our adventure.

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  1. SO glad you guys had a good time! I cant believe how long your hair is and I'd like to to if you went through with cutting it! Along with knowing many other details in your life..