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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i'd like mornings better if they started later

this is about what i look like in the morning.
minus the coffee
im getting up alot earlier than i used to before i got married.
just another one of those adjustments.
i used to get up at like 9-9:15 and be to work by 10.
after we got married i started waking up at 7 to be to work by 8.
thats a loss of 2 whole hours of sleep.
now im getting up at 5:45 to be to work at 7:30.
im sooooooo tired.

but early mornings are kinda nice.
beisdes the fact that im left at work feeling like my eyes could shut at any moment and not open for 2 hours

this morning (6am) i enjoyed a nice cool walk with my husband.
it rained last night so the air was cool and crisp with that hint of rain. the grass was damp and the sun was slowly rising. the morning was peacefull and quiet while people still slept in their beds.
other than the fact that i feel like i could fall asleep here at my desk,  it was a really nice start to the day.

after walks, the morning looks like this:

get ready
get lunch together
walk to my car
hug and kiss from the husband
and off to work.

I don't know if brock would consider himself a morning person, but he just pops out of bed in the morning. that alarm goes off and he is up and at 'em. not one hit of the snooze button or anything!
i envy that a little. i will hit the snooze button in the double digits in the morning.
i wish it was as easy to just pop out of bed and get going.
i drag.
all morning.

in other news......
my husband is so sweet.
ive been a total girl lately.
kinda winey, emotional, needy.
all of the above.
last night i cried. for no reason. the tears just came and i had no idea why
other than im a girl. and thats just what happens.
he came over to be close to me.sit with me and comfort me.
even though he didnt know what he was comforting.
when i said
 "thanks for beign so sweet even when im a crazy person"
he said
"you're not crazy! i understand! sometimes you just need a good cry and the little things will bring that on."
he is just so sweet.

im seriously very lucky. he is so patient with me.
being married has brough up some unexpected emotions and needs in me and he has been so so patient and understanding.
 which is saying ALOT, because those of you who know brock, know that is is not a very patient person.

annyways, as i have said before, i know that most of you dont care about my mornings, and most of you dont want to hear about me gush about my husband.
BUT this is my blog and my outlet and my journal basically.
these are things that my kids will hopefully be reading years from now.
our memories, our adventuers, even we did in the morning.
 i think about how fun it would be to read these same thigns that my mom did when she was first married. hopefully someday my kids will enjoy it.
until then, you get to!

btw its amazing how much better i feel when i have blogged.
i dont know what it is, but it really makes me feel better when i may not be feeling the best or when i break into my random crying for nothing modes =)

and for those of you who are wondering....
yes i really did it.....
ill post pics when i have some


  1. I know what you are saying about mornings which is exactly why I have adapted my life to fit my moods as much as possible. I am so proud of you for getting up and exercising in the morning. Those are two things that you have wanted to conquer. Being married is good for you both! :) I am glad to hear Mr Impatient is patient where it counts! ;) Love you both!

  2. Mornings are hard that is what I am worried about when I go back to work I would so rather get my sleep then work out that will be the real test to my dedication. If you started birth controol that will explain the emotions.