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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


so i know i have started this a million and one times through out my life....
the excersize.slash.lose weight goal.

well this time i am really going to do it.
i can and and i want to.
people transform their bodies all the time and i can to.

i have a high school friend who is in the same boat. she started a blog dedicated to just that. losing weight. i was pretty inspired by her, and her idea that i asked her if i could join her and be contributor to her weightloss blog. she of course said yes and a couple other people joined as well.
well she is going strong and i havent even started.
i told her i wanted to wait till i got back from my honeymoon. well thats been like 3 weeks now and i still havent started.
so im starting today.
ive decided that i may post on her blog, but mainly will be posting about my weightloss here.

im going to try at least every monday to update my progress here. im calling it motivation monday.
thats blog cheese worthy right!?

starting tomorrow i will weigh in, post my weight and start my excersize plan which will consist of walks/runs in the morning (till it gets cold) with my husband, then jillian michaels in the evening.
i want to do this every day, although i know things come up so i am going to commit to 4 times a week.
my weight loss goal is to lose 20 lbs.
i dont have a timeline, just however long it takes as long as i am sticking with my excersize plan.
i'll also try to watch my portions a little bit more along wiht excersize.

so, once again....
here goes nothin!

p.s if you wish to share with me some of the things that keep you motivated to excersize feel free! I need some tips!


  1. Ashlee you can totally do it! That is smart not to have a timeline, have decided as long as I am working out and watching what I eat I am not going set a time to be done. Can't wait to see your journey.

  2. I am totally trying to loose weight right now... To be honest, way harder then I hoped. Once you get past the first 2 weeks, it starts to get a LITTLE easier. The first two weeks, you literally have to force yourself to exercise or to not eat certain foods or not get that second serving. It does get easier! You are lucky to have friends to support you!

  3. When I was excerising (yes I have stopped for the time being) it started to become a habit and I felt like I couldn't do anything else until I excersied, I felt great when I did and if I missed a day I felt crappie all day, it just takes getting used to the routine of it then you will begin to love it!