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Monday, August 22, 2011

camping....or not.

so remember when i said we were going camping, and i was soooo excited

here is how our camping trip went.....

we rushed home from work at 4 so we could get up the canyon as early as possible to get
a first come first serve site.
we packed everything up,
(brock had mostly everything done by the time i got home. yep, he's THAT husband... amazing.)

in our rush,
 im pretty sure i asked brock about 15 times if he packed the lighter,
i managed to grab both cameras, and no memory cards,
i forgot the GPS, which we were going to use for 2 geocaches,
my camping bag had spiders in it,
i forgot my toothbrush
 (or so i though, but of course my huband who doesnt miss a beat packed it for me)
and we rushed to the store before heading up the canyon.

only to arrive and find that ALL THE SITES WERE FULL!!!!

total bummer

better luck next time.

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