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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

51 days...

is how long we have been married.

and instead of getting excited about weekend plans with friends, or socializing to increase my chances of 'meeting someone' in my single days,

i'm now getting excited over things like a successfull rising dough!

i'm a wife now, and i get excited over dough. yep.
who would have thought.

but i wouldn't have it any other way!

i think i have been cursed with my dough and bread making skills. as you may have learned.
but last night, i decided to try my hand at pizza dough!
and it was actually a success.....
well, so far...
the dough is for tonight so i had to freeze it, which i have learned is suppsoed to stop (or slow) the rising process.
but it didnt.
we took the dough out today and it was bigger and kinda expanded out of the seran wrap it was in
(it was also in a freezer bad so im hoping that protected it)
so its in the fridge, thawing out for our dinner tonight.
hopefully it works out!
but at least i got it to rise!
thats an accomplishment for me in itself!

i wasn't born with the cooking and baking skill set and didn't grow up with it either. and it doesn't come naturaly to me like some of you lucky ones.
so im learning this all on my own,
its a slow and somewhat painful process but i'll get it eventually!

hopefully by the time i have kids!

do you guys have any tips with rising dough? if so,  i'm all ears!


  1. Theres stuff called Dough Enhancer! Use that! Or sometimes my mom will put the dough over hot water (like leave it in the bowl than put it in the sink or a bowl with a few inches of REALLY hot water and put a towel over it to keep the steam in!

  2. Heat helps, you can turn the oven to about 180-200 degrees once it's preheated turn the oven off then put the dough in covered with a dish towel. I have even set the dough in front of the heater vent before and once when we were in a big hurry to get ut ti rise we blow dryed it and it worked! Those are tips to help it rise as long as it's made right some tips to do it right are: use warm water, hit water can kill the yeast, also salt kills yeast so try to have it mixed well before you add the salt, next is to use saf-instant yeast it doesn't die easily like the normal yeast since I have been using this I have never had bread not rise, even if you use hot water! And If you freeze it then it last forever, never expires it's great!