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Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Ward & New calling....

Well, here we are. We are now married and trying to settle in to married life. (Which is harder than I thought it would be. That's a post all in of itself. Someday.)

I realize I have a TON to blog about including my honeymoon and wedding, but they will come as I have time, and as I get pictures uploaded to my computer. Remember, I dont have internet at my house so this will be a slow process getting my blog updated.
Which btw I don't have wedding pics yet, and it will be  awhile, so just know that I will post them as soon as I get them PROMISE!

Today's post is about our ward.
It's SO weird being back in a family ward.
Sacrament meeting is noisy.
Everyone is old.
People call eachother by "sister so-and-so" and "brother so-and-so"
There are little boys passing the sacrament.
I have forgotten what this was like!

Yesterday was our second week in our new ward. The first week we were there, we stuck out like a sore thumb. EVERYONE knew we were new. And everyone greeted us as so. Our ward is very very nice and welcoming. Lots of people welcomed us and showed us where to go for meetings and introduced themselves. It was really nice to be so welcomed.
People kept telling me that our neighborhood is like a secret haven that no one knows about.
I hope thats true!!
The people in our ward are all SO diverse.
There are verry verry old people.
Mentally challenged people.
Lots of Polynesians.
Lots of Spanish people.

I think there are maybe 2 babies in the ward.
And there is one other newlywed couple who Brock actually knows.

We got pulled aside yesterday for callings and talks.
We 'get' to speak next Sunday on Pioneesrs, and our new callings are in the scouts!
What?! Yes the scouts.
I knew that we would be immediately put into callings, I hoped I would still be able to be in R.S , but figured they would put me in Young Womens, which I did not want to do. Don't tell on me.
But they put us in Scouts.
I know nothing about scouts.
And why would I?
But that's ok. I married an eagle scout, who btw got his eagle scout when he was like 15. Most boys get them when they are like 17, 18. Ya my husband is the bomb.
And I still get to go to R.S!

I think it will be  a fun little adventure for the two of us being scout masters. Ha did I just say scout masters!? That is weird to hear.
We'll see how it goes.
I can't remember the last time I was around an 11 year old.
And now I am going to be spending every Tuesday night with a group of them.

Here's to scouting!!

P.s. I get horrid cell phone service at our house (if I even get service at all) so if I don't answer phone calls or texts, that is why. Nothing personal, and I will try as much as I can.

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