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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer has arrived... i think.

This weekend felt like the
"welcome summer" weekend.
although, watermelon wasn't involved so it might not have been as legit as I would have liked.
But it was pretty great.

Friday we (me, brock and my sisters) decided to go to the bees game.
What's better than a summer night on the grass at a baseball game with your family and some good (& outlandishly expensive) stadium food!?
It was great.

Saturday was spent at the pool.
 To me, Ashlee Wray soon to be Norton, this is perfection.
I could spend hours by the pool. literally.
A good book. A big Coke. Some nice tanning oil. The hot sun.Your sisters and your boy.
Nothing better.
I'm pretty certain of this.
While we were laying out, the oddest thing happened. It started raining. No clouds, no wind, just a light sprinkle. It was very strange, but quite nice. 

Brock and I also got in some tennis.
It was pretty hot and I didn't last long in the heat (that and I'm so dang out of shape it's embarrassing) so I made and executive descision that tennis is best played in the evening. So hopefully thats when our 'matches' will go down from now on.
But it was lots of fun. I have no tennis skills what so ever but I still like to act like those Williams girls.
Maybe someday I'll be good.

Later that evening Brock and I had dinner with some close family friends, the Francoms who we love love.
They were so nice to treat us to dinner at the Tin Angel Cafe, where I Instantly FELL IN LOVE with their
Spinach & Fontina Zuppa Soup.
soooo delish.
no joke. I am in love. And have been craving it ever since.
Plus I'm a big fan of anywhere with a nice patio!

We then had dessert at the famous Hatch's Family Chocolates.
This is one thing that I am going to miss about being in the Avenues, being so close to this chocolaty goodness.
It was yummy.

Sunday was spent @ church and watching the Mavs make franchise history.

Good weekend over all and I am looking for lots more where that came from!

Dear Summer:
Please stay.

Next weekend:
Moving, Moving.
& a bridal shower!! yay!

P.s.   I still need to bog about the amazing shower I had a few weeks ago..... Stay tuned =)
P.P.s.   Please check out this blog post.  AND COMMENT!!!

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