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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

just real quick...

it's been a little bit since i did an actual blog post.
so here is a quick update.....

T minus 3 DAYS!!
3 DAYS baby!!

the in-laws fly in tomorrow! first time we will have met in person? yep

my dress is now in-tow

friday brock and i are leaving work early as a "prep day" we are going on our last lunch date as a dating couple and im very exited for it.

friday night the sisters will be slumber partying it up at my house. that ought to be fun!

last things on my wedding to-do list:

shoes-hopefully tonight or tomorrow!
and one last appointment on friday
then saturday comes. THE BIG day!!!

upcoming blog posts:
(this is mainly for me to remember what i need to blog about)

part II of "the plans"
bridal showers
marriage advice we have received
weight loss goals/plans/blog

1 comment:

  1. Whoa Ashley! Good luck with your whirlwind days. I am sure you'll have the most beautiful day. So happy for you!