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Thursday, June 16, 2011


So Brock and I have decided that once we are married we will have no cable tv.

I have been living with no cable for a year now and I don't miss is ONE bit.
I'm shocked and saddened by the things that are found on cable tv. Even the basic cable channels.
I'll never go back. Even though that isn't the most popular descision.
The only really legit reason we might need it is for the NBA season, since we are both avid basketball observers.
Don't get me wrong, I can watch trashy reality tv with the best of 'em
some of my favs:

keeping up with the kardashians
Tori & Dean Home sweet Hollywood
The bachelor/bachelorette

and others like
Dog the bounty hunter (ya im weird. i love that show)
house hunters
americas got talent
so you think you can dance

I like watching tv. But I am willing to give it up to avoid seeing all the other crap thats on there.
It's an easy descision.
Plus I think of all the hours I have wasted in my life watching tv and it sickens me.
I want to get those kinds of habits out of the way before we have kids so that we don't pass on those habits.

I know alot of people/couples, watch tv together and consider that spending quality time together.
I recently read The Five Love Lnaguages and they talk about quality time as one of the primary love languages. In it he says:

"In the vernacular of Quality Time, nothing says, “I love you,” like full, undivided attention. Being there for this type of person is critical, but really being there—with the TV off, fork and knife down, and all chores and tasks on standby—makes your significant other feel truly special and loved. Distractions, postponed dates, or the failure to listen can be especially hurtful."

Plain and simple. Sitting, watching tv together isnt spending quality time.
Sure you are together. Sure you are spending time together. But it's not quality time.
Brock and I had a discussion once about the bedroom.
Noooo. Not that kind of talk.
Somehow the topic of a TV in the bedroom came up and I shared my thoughts on having a tv in the bedroom. Which are this:
It is a completely obserd idea.
No offense if you have a tv in the bedroom but just take a look at this article.
There are soooo many great points in it.

Along with No Tv, we are also doing no internet.
This one is a bit harder for me becuase of THIS.
I love to blog, but I have to be in the right mood to blog
(which is why my posts are so randomly here and there and everywhere in between)
I do it when I want.
Some of my most enjyable times are cuddling up in a blanket with something good to eat while I blog. And being able to do that whenever I please.  
It's my release.
Literally. It is how I get my opinions, feelings, life, out into the word.
I love it.
I feel so good after I have blogged.
I will continue blogging, but maybe not as much. Hopefully I will find other sources to use to get my blogging in.
Who knows though. With school coming up I may not even have time to think about blogging.
Annnyways...The point of this post and my rambling is this.
Since there will be no tv and no internet, we need some good ideas for newly marrieds to do.
We have thingscoming up to do like:
making 72 hour kits
shopping for house stuff
yard work (and LOTS of it)
decorating our new home
(the wedding gift I got him will also fill up some of that extra time.....and no...it doesn't have anything to do with what you might be thinking. get your minds out of the gutter ;) but I can't give it away just yet cause he reads this.

But we want your fun/cheap/creative date ideas that we can do together that will have us spending quality time together.
I know you have some so spill.

Share your ideas with us. Links or blogs you have come across with fun ideas. Whatever.
I will do a post of ideas I get and we can all share and exchange fun ideas!



  1. sweet ashlee...agreed, agreed, and agreed. no cable tv here, no tv in any bedrooms, etc. short on creative ideas since we dont' have that much extra time on our hands with the (almost) 7 kids around here. :) i'll be excited to hear others' comments though. one of our favs is house projects. its so fun to make a HOME together and make it the way you want it. we also like to double date and play games. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

  2. I never had cable until just last year and even then we only got it because it's the only thing we can get out here, yep no local channels here, it's the lowest package with the least amount of channels. Funny thing is we only watch the local channels, I don't like any of the cable shows, just an occasional movie that comes on. The first 3 years of out here we had no tv at all we watched stuff on line but our Internet sucks and wouldn't always work to support streaming very well. It's a smart choice though to have less tv although I love watching shows with Aaron. It's the Internet I'm surprised about....good luck! Although I can see good reason behind that as well, plus you will save money that way too! I would struggle with that one as you know I love blogging, it's my scrapbook, my journal, the only way I document things so I won't forget, and I pay all my bills online and budget online too. Anyway you wanted ideas, we love to play games together, you can find some really good ones on amazon that they don't sell in store, right now were hooked on bohnanza, we also love yahtzee, card games and Lego games on the xbox. We are more limited now since the little one came along but we can take the baby monitor outside and play horseshoes, croquet, botchie ball and other outside games. We also love bowling and movies. You could rock climb, camp, fish, hike, swim, I'm sure you'll think of plenty of things, it's just nice to be together in whatever you do, even if it is watching tv which we do like to do and I see nothing wrong with that as long as it is managed wisely.

  3. Exercising! Ben and I love to go on bike rides together.