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Monday, May 23, 2011

This weekend was....

Finally we had some warm weather!!

Bed shopping turned out to be the funnest date I have ever been on!
I laughed A-LOT this weekend.
Thanks to my amazingly funny future husband ( in 40 days!!!!)

Saturday consisted of a much needed mani/pedi
followed by some early afternoon cuddle time while watching LIFE
If you haven't seen this on Bluray I highly reccommend it. It's amazing. And very interesting.
We just finished the series this weekend.
After that, a walmart run for hamburger fixins for dinner and some NBA playoffs and more cuddle time.

Sunday I braved my new singles ward alone, only to end up at the wrong ward.
Oh well. Got to take the sacrament which is what matters right!
This whole singles ward change is going to be a real test of faith for me. (Not really, but it SUCKS)
I have been separated from the ward that I love.
Where I have made some of my very closest friends.
Where I had the calling that changed me and helped me grow in ways i never imagined.
The ward where my fiance is. And the BEST bishopric in all the land. (I'm sure of it.)
It's tough because I am out of here in 5 weeks.
I don't have time to make friends there. Nor do I want to becuase I am leaving so soon.
Every week will be a struggle to get me there, I'm not gonna lie.
If I had it my way, I would just go to my finaces ward, where I have been for the last year and a half.
Oh. well. Such is life.
I Know I am not the only one struglling with the change.

After church though, I got to enjoy the little glimpse of good weather that we had for a couple of hours.
On those kind of days all you need are the following:

A Blanket
A good Book
Your Boy

The weekend ended with giving the boy a haircut and some more NBA playoffs.

Bring OnSummer!!

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