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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Plans...

soooo.....I have been pretty MIA as far as my blog is concerned.
Here is why....
yes...i can always come up with some sort of excuse.
Brock and I decided to get married like 3 weeks before we got engaged. 
We basically had our whole wedding and honeymoon planned before we were actually engaged.
The problem was, we had a heck of a time getting my ring. 
So until we were officially engaged, We didn't really tell anyone. 
And since my life was basically filled with {secret} wedding plans, my life became un-bloggable.

But now its out so I can fiiiiiinally blog about it all!!

The Plans:

Originally we wanted to get married on June 24th
 (which was always an inside joke since the beginning of our relationship)
That date quickly turned into July 2nd because of some conflicting schedules.
So we scheduled the Salt lake Temple for July 2nd. 
Our sealing is at 12:20
It will be so nice not to have to get up that morning before the sun comes up to start getting ready.
We will just be able to take it easy that morning and enjoy the beautiful day. 
Not rushed, and not stressed. 

Next up....the Honeymoon 
First things first right?! We literally planned the honeymoon the day we decided to get married!
Brock and I stayed up late that night, neither of us could sleep because of all the excitement and thoughts rushing through our heads of our upcoming marriage and wedding! 
I got a call at about midnight from my cute boy saying.....
"ya, i can't sleep"
So the planning began...over the phone for hours.
We are going to be going to South Padre Island, Texas
Random right? Well not for us. 
Brock spent 8 years in Texas, and oddly, it's one of the states that I have ALWAYS wanted to visit.
We threw around the cruise idea, and Hawaii, and stuff like that, and Texas won out!
And since we will be there for the 4th of July, we will get fireworks on our honeymoon!!! 
So Excited!

The Ring
I almost want to just skip this part because we had such a hard time with the whole ring situation.
I knew exactly what I wanted and so we didn't really need to 'shop around'
We went to the jeweler that we new had the ring in wanted. 
We went and tried it on, and immediately I realized it wasn't what I thought I wanted.
It was a beautiful ring. It was just too much ring. It was too big. 
I know what you are thinking.....too big? Is there such a thing when it comes to diamonds?!
Well the answer is yes! 
So I asked the jeweler to show us the next step down.
It was slightly different, but I fell in love!
It was exactly what I wanted. 
But there was a catch. The ring she showed us had round cut diamonds rather than princess cut, which is what I wanted. This is where it begins. To make a long story short, we were told that they could get the ring the way we wanted it. We told them we needed it by the middle of the following week 
(because we already had our engagement pictures scheduled with a friend of mine who was going to be in town from California)
They told us that would be no problem. Well, after days and days of getting the run around from them, and still no ring, we decided to go with a different jeweler, that had the ring I wanted with the right diamonds.
The bad thing was, it was a special order so we had to order it online. 
We paid for overnight shipping, because of our time crunch, and didn't get it for 6 days!!!
So guess what that means, we had to do our engagements without my ring. 
Yep. total bummer, but it all worked out.
At one point we even thought that the proposal would be ringless. But LUCKILY it didn't turn out that way.
And we FINALLY got the ring!
Which I absolutley love! I can't stop looking at it!

Reception Wedding Dinner
We then started planning the reception, which quickly (luckily) turned from a reception to a small intimate dinner with our immediate family and a couple close friends.
I've never wanted a big wedding.
When all my best friends got married, they had beautiful wedding receptions, but I could never picture myself in their shoes. Having a big reception, doing the whole wedding lunch or breakfast, all of it. I just never wanted any of that. So luckily now that the time has actually come to start planning a wedding, my fiance is on board with what I want. It did take a tiny bit of convincing, but once he could see my vision of a small wedding, where we don't have to stress out about anything. Where we don't have to stand in a line for 2 hours with smiles plastered on our faces, greeting hundreds of people we don't know.
Don't get me wrong, receptions are nice, and you certainly end up with a nice loot after its all said and done, but it's just not my cup of tea. 
So a dinner it is. We are having it at Market Street Grill at the mouth of Cottonwood Canyon 
I am really looking forward to sharing this day with our family. 
And making the day about US and not about everyone else.
I think this is one day that we can actually get away with being selfish.

To Be Continued....


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  1. Congrats on all the excitement! Marriage is the greatest thing ever! Enjoy the ride!