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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my new addiction

as if 
facebook and blogging weren't enough, here is a new thing to add to my list of 
digital age addictions:

gone are the days of dog-eared corners of magazines and catalogs to mark those things I wish I could get, or make or say.
I have heard my friends talk or blog about it and never felt the need to jump on the band wagon. But recently, I did it .
And I quickly became addicted. 
I love it
There are so many creative people out there
So many beautiful things that I have been missing out on until now.
It's fuels creativity!!
Brock and I just got a house, and it needs alot of landscaping and we are also going to do a garden!! 
I thought this website would be a good place for me to collect ideas in one place to show Brock for our outdoor space. 
So I of course started out with a " Garden & Landscape" board.
Now I'm pinning pretty foods that I want to make, pretty things for the house that I want to make, pretty things that I want to wear.
There are just lots of pretty things. 
So this blog is about to have a pinterest explosion. 

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