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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Best Friend...

Jillian Michaels is about to become my new best friend...
I purchased this today....

Up to 20 lbs in 30 days.....

I have exactly 39 days until I get married.
Im really realy REALLY going to try to stick with this till then.
(and after)
20 lbs might be stretching it in 30 days, but the goal is to start feeling better about myself, and I
know excersize is the key. I just lack the motivation.
Hopfully Jillian will do it for me!

I feel like if I post this publicly I will feel some sort of obligation to update my status,
and hopefully that will be another motivator!
It's cheap, and I can do it in my own home. Now I just need the mind set to make this a daily routine along with better eating habits!
I can do this!

Maybe i'll even consider doing a before and after pic...and post it at the end of the 30 days.
HA! that might be stretching it, but who knows, maybe i'll love how I feel so much i will have to share it!

In other news, we got our appraisal done today. Just one step closer to owning our own HOME!!!
I will post pics asap!!

p.s your words of encouragement are always welcomed AND loved!!

my new addiction

as if 
facebook and blogging weren't enough, here is a new thing to add to my list of 
digital age addictions:

gone are the days of dog-eared corners of magazines and catalogs to mark those things I wish I could get, or make or say.
I have heard my friends talk or blog about it and never felt the need to jump on the band wagon. But recently, I did it .
And I quickly became addicted. 
I love it
There are so many creative people out there
So many beautiful things that I have been missing out on until now.
It's fuels creativity!!
Brock and I just got a house, and it needs alot of landscaping and we are also going to do a garden!! 
I thought this website would be a good place for me to collect ideas in one place to show Brock for our outdoor space. 
So I of course started out with a " Garden & Landscape" board.
Now I'm pinning pretty foods that I want to make, pretty things for the house that I want to make, pretty things that I want to wear.
There are just lots of pretty things. 
So this blog is about to have a pinterest explosion. 

Monday, May 23, 2011


I think I will be giving my blog a much needed make over soon.....

any tips?

This weekend was....

Finally we had some warm weather!!

Bed shopping turned out to be the funnest date I have ever been on!
I laughed A-LOT this weekend.
Thanks to my amazingly funny future husband ( in 40 days!!!!)

Saturday consisted of a much needed mani/pedi
followed by some early afternoon cuddle time while watching LIFE
If you haven't seen this on Bluray I highly reccommend it. It's amazing. And very interesting.
We just finished the series this weekend.
After that, a walmart run for hamburger fixins for dinner and some NBA playoffs and more cuddle time.

Sunday I braved my new singles ward alone, only to end up at the wrong ward.
Oh well. Got to take the sacrament which is what matters right!
This whole singles ward change is going to be a real test of faith for me. (Not really, but it SUCKS)
I have been separated from the ward that I love.
Where I have made some of my very closest friends.
Where I had the calling that changed me and helped me grow in ways i never imagined.
The ward where my fiance is. And the BEST bishopric in all the land. (I'm sure of it.)
It's tough because I am out of here in 5 weeks.
I don't have time to make friends there. Nor do I want to becuase I am leaving so soon.
Every week will be a struggle to get me there, I'm not gonna lie.
If I had it my way, I would just go to my finaces ward, where I have been for the last year and a half.
Oh. well. Such is life.
I Know I am not the only one struglling with the change.

After church though, I got to enjoy the little glimpse of good weather that we had for a couple of hours.
On those kind of days all you need are the following:

A Blanket
A good Book
Your Boy

The weekend ended with giving the boy a haircut and some more NBA playoffs.

Bring OnSummer!!

Friday, May 20, 2011


I got a call the other night from my cute boy asking me out on a date.
He is so sweet.
It's been a little while since we have been on a date cause our lives have been consumed
with wedding planning, house shopping, and NBA playoffs
We are going bed shopping and we are going to try the new (well i don't even know if its new, but i haven't tried it yet so it's new to me) buffalo chicken sandwich at subway.
He knows i love me some buffalo flavored anything!! 
I'm so excited to have a whole night to ourselves
And what's more romantic than bed shopping!?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

As promised..

Here are some of our engagement pics:

Special thanks:
 To my personal stylist Brooke Jensen
My Photographer Kim Whitehead
My hair stylists my sistas =)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

T.M.I ?

I feel like now that I am engaged to be married, my blog is going to take a dramatic turn 
as far as content of my blog posts. 
And why wouldn't it right?
 My life is about to get a violent shove into new & unfamiliar territory.
Consider yourself warned!

Maybe I should consider going private.
hmmm. maybe.

With that said....

My current emotions/feelings can be described with the following:
LOW self-esteem
Negative Body Image
Little NO confidence

hmmmmm can anyone guess what I did tonight??

A friend of mine took me lingerie shopping.

'Nuff said right?

I don't get how anyone that's not a size zero victoria secret model can feel ok in that stuff!
It's not made for the 'average' or in my case, less than average body type.

How am I supposed to feel like a confident woman and wife when after days like today 
I wish I was marrying a blind person!

Luckily..... I am marrying a sweet boy who loves me the way I am....
Now somehow I just need to learn to love me the way I am.

For the record, I won't be eating till I get married in 46 days, and I will be waking up early to run my butt off.


I was listening to the radio today and breifly caught someone ( I don't even know who it was) talking about a trip to Isreal. He was talking about bombings and what not and said he met a man who put his three children on three different school buses to three different schools so that he wouldnt lose his whole family if something were to happen to one of the schools.

I can't imagine having to live with that kind of worry every day.

It just made me think of how lucky we are here. And how gratefull I am for our safety and freedom. I definitely take it for grantid. From the smallest things like being able to freely worship how and where I choose, every Sunday.

I am proud and lucky to be an American

There are many people today and throughout history (including some of my own family members) who have contributed to that, and where this country is today.
I am so grateful for brave people who are willing to fight for our country and fight for our freedom.

Thank you ALL.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Plans...

soooo.....I have been pretty MIA as far as my blog is concerned.
Here is why....
yes...i can always come up with some sort of excuse.
Brock and I decided to get married like 3 weeks before we got engaged. 
We basically had our whole wedding and honeymoon planned before we were actually engaged.
The problem was, we had a heck of a time getting my ring. 
So until we were officially engaged, We didn't really tell anyone. 
And since my life was basically filled with {secret} wedding plans, my life became un-bloggable.

But now its out so I can fiiiiiinally blog about it all!!

The Plans:

Originally we wanted to get married on June 24th
 (which was always an inside joke since the beginning of our relationship)
That date quickly turned into July 2nd because of some conflicting schedules.
So we scheduled the Salt lake Temple for July 2nd. 
Our sealing is at 12:20
It will be so nice not to have to get up that morning before the sun comes up to start getting ready.
We will just be able to take it easy that morning and enjoy the beautiful day. 
Not rushed, and not stressed. 

Next up....the Honeymoon 
First things first right?! We literally planned the honeymoon the day we decided to get married!
Brock and I stayed up late that night, neither of us could sleep because of all the excitement and thoughts rushing through our heads of our upcoming marriage and wedding! 
I got a call at about midnight from my cute boy saying.....
"ya, i can't sleep"
So the planning began...over the phone for hours.
We are going to be going to South Padre Island, Texas
Random right? Well not for us. 
Brock spent 8 years in Texas, and oddly, it's one of the states that I have ALWAYS wanted to visit.
We threw around the cruise idea, and Hawaii, and stuff like that, and Texas won out!
And since we will be there for the 4th of July, we will get fireworks on our honeymoon!!! 
So Excited!

The Ring
I almost want to just skip this part because we had such a hard time with the whole ring situation.
I knew exactly what I wanted and so we didn't really need to 'shop around'
We went to the jeweler that we new had the ring in wanted. 
We went and tried it on, and immediately I realized it wasn't what I thought I wanted.
It was a beautiful ring. It was just too much ring. It was too big. 
I know what you are thinking.....too big? Is there such a thing when it comes to diamonds?!
Well the answer is yes! 
So I asked the jeweler to show us the next step down.
It was slightly different, but I fell in love!
It was exactly what I wanted. 
But there was a catch. The ring she showed us had round cut diamonds rather than princess cut, which is what I wanted. This is where it begins. To make a long story short, we were told that they could get the ring the way we wanted it. We told them we needed it by the middle of the following week 
(because we already had our engagement pictures scheduled with a friend of mine who was going to be in town from California)
They told us that would be no problem. Well, after days and days of getting the run around from them, and still no ring, we decided to go with a different jeweler, that had the ring I wanted with the right diamonds.
The bad thing was, it was a special order so we had to order it online. 
We paid for overnight shipping, because of our time crunch, and didn't get it for 6 days!!!
So guess what that means, we had to do our engagements without my ring. 
Yep. total bummer, but it all worked out.
At one point we even thought that the proposal would be ringless. But LUCKILY it didn't turn out that way.
And we FINALLY got the ring!
Which I absolutley love! I can't stop looking at it!

Reception Wedding Dinner
We then started planning the reception, which quickly (luckily) turned from a reception to a small intimate dinner with our immediate family and a couple close friends.
I've never wanted a big wedding.
When all my best friends got married, they had beautiful wedding receptions, but I could never picture myself in their shoes. Having a big reception, doing the whole wedding lunch or breakfast, all of it. I just never wanted any of that. So luckily now that the time has actually come to start planning a wedding, my fiance is on board with what I want. It did take a tiny bit of convincing, but once he could see my vision of a small wedding, where we don't have to stress out about anything. Where we don't have to stand in a line for 2 hours with smiles plastered on our faces, greeting hundreds of people we don't know.
Don't get me wrong, receptions are nice, and you certainly end up with a nice loot after its all said and done, but it's just not my cup of tea. 
So a dinner it is. We are having it at Market Street Grill at the mouth of Cottonwood Canyon 
I am really looking forward to sharing this day with our family. 
And making the day about US and not about everyone else.
I think this is one day that we can actually get away with being selfish.

To Be Continued....



This post contains lots of the
"yucky love stuff"
[name that movie]

I've just gotta say how lucky and blessed I feel

I am so happy to be marrying the person that I am
He makes me feel so special and loved, and beautiful.
He is an amazing person, and he is real.
I love him very much and can't wait to begin our lives together.

BBN thank you for being wonderful and selfless and patient and
for loving me.
I hope I can make you feel as loved and cherished as I feel.

47 daysssss!!


I am mad FURIOUS at blogger.
I wrote possibly the longest post I have ever written, about all our wedding plans, and it got deleted.

Does anyone know whats going on? And if those posts will ever be back? Along with comments that have been deleted.
I am in no mood to re-write that entire post!

After reading the "blogger buzz" I found out that the missing posts should be in the drafts.
Which they were, so I have published them again.
Luckily there were only 2 that were deleted.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I've been watching alot of basketball lately.....
my fiance is a tiny bit obsessed with it being the playoffs and all. 
So outside of wedding planning, and house shopping and daydreaming about our future, thats what we do.
Here is what i have learned:

Chris Bosh looks like an Avatar.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Rumors Are True

It's your typical "we met in a singles ward" kind of story.
I've had lots of request for pics and the story so here it is.

The Engagement:

We went to dinner at Cucina Toscana

We then went back to my house and Brock wanted to take a walk.

Side Note: Brock had told me that the ring was being sized and wouldn't be ready till Saturday...

Before we got out of the car, he said I have a surprise for you. I got you a gift (as he handed me the keys to his car) he then told me to open the glove box and said there is something in there that you have been wanting a long time for.......my mind of course automatically thinks ring (cause we have been waiting for it for so long) but I knew that the ring was at the jeweler getting sized....or so I thought!

well I open the glove box to find this:

A thousand dollars in ones!

"WHAT? What is this?"

He then proceeded to tell me that is to pay off the rest of my student loans so I can be debt freeeee!! =)

How lucky am I?! I have the best fiance ever. EVER!!

So we went on our walk. The sun was starting to set, and he took me up to a park that we went to on our very first walk together. This park is up in the avenues and overlooks the capital, the Salt Lake Temple and Memory Grove. Its beautiful. As we started walking towards our bench, I saw some roses sitting on the bench. I said to Brock hmmmm whats this?! I think I said it like three times, each time with GROWING suspicion! As we got closer I saw the ring box sitting next to the roses.

I think the first that I said was ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!

I looked at him and he told me to open it.

So I did.

It was EMPTY!

What kind of game was this kid playing!?

I wish I could have seen the look on my face when I immediately looked up at him in confusion, wondering where the ring was!

As I looked over, he pulled the ring out of his pocket and dropped down to one knee.

"He then said, Ashlee Wray, will you marry me?!"

I of course said yes and hugged him, and I think I kept saying


It was perfect. The sun was setting, we were overlooking these amazing buildings. Brock told me that he wanted to spend forever with me and pointed to the temple and said and it will start there.

We hugged, and kissed, and hugged and kissed some more.

Then we headed back home to start making the calls =)

Our date is set for July 2nd.

Now that our secret is out, and people know that we are getting married, I will start updating you all about the wedding plans..