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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunday Walks

Side Note: This was a couple weeks ago, I just forgot to post it. ya I'm cool like that.

With the warn weather (slowly) approaching, the sunday walks begin.

There's no greater way to welcome spring than to walk the neighborhoods, smelling the crisp spring air and seeing the tulips sprouting up everywhere. Today I noriced Capital hill has some beautiful blossoms, the first ones I've seen this season!

Me and The Boy walked the streets of the avenues today. Looking at the beautiful old historic homes. Talking, talking talking (we do that a lot :) ), as we walked.

By the time we got back to my apartment I wasn't ready to go home so we ventured down to the cathderal. I'm so lucky to live a block away from this beautiful cathedral. I can hear the bells ringing from my apartment. I Love it. Sometimes I feel like I'm in europe with all the beautiful roman cathedrals.

Annnyway, we got there and they were having a choir/orchestra concert. It.was.amazing. And sounded so beautiful. So we sat and watched/listened. It was something fun and different and random to do together.

(Brock.. member when the conductor threw his wand!! )Bahahah!

I love long walks/talks with my Boy. Spending time with him never gets old. We seem to never run out of things to talk about and its fun to walk along the tree lined streets and day dream about the future together.

So here's to many many more Sunday walks together!

P.s Did you know that most car horns ring in the F key? ;)

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