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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'mmmmm BaaAAckkkk.....

for now....

i have been MIA in the blogsphere, and kinda in real life too.
I have internet, for the time being, but my computer decided to stop working.
so my brother is trying to heal it.
there is also another excuse for my lack of precence....
two words:
a boy.
nuff said right?

obviously alot has happened since the last time i blogged.
like the fact that i turned 27!!
yikes! i'm getting OLD!
no matter how i feel about the matter, without fail, march 9th rolls around and i become one year older.
this year i was surrounded by my friends for my bday.
my actual bday was spent with The Boy.
Friday was spent with friends at the Grizzlies game, where i had a Happy Bday shout out on the jumbo tron....thanks Matthew =)
(im kinda a big deal)
then saturday i had a surprise party that ended up not being a surprise, but was still so fun...
all my friends gathered to celebrate ME!
i felt so loved and loved having all my friends around to celebrate. it was a great night and i have awesome friends that i love dearly.
thank you ALL for coming! it meant alot.

obviously alot more has happened but im not really in the blogging mood so thats all for now!
so just so you all know, i'm still alive! just busy with....things ;)

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