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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am in need of ALL your prayers.
here is why:
my comoputer decided that it needs a new hard drive.
well ALLLLL my pics are on that hard drive.
My brother is a computer healer of sorts. He knows what he's doing and has tried everything he knows how to to in order to get my pics off the hard drive before it's completely dead.
We are starting to burn them on to disks, in hopes that it doesn't die before the task is complete.
My brother is also talking to one if his computer geek friends who might be able to work some magic but it will probably cost me a pretty penny.
The way technology is these days, you wouldn't think that things like this would be a problem.
But unfortunately for me, and all my memories (pic wise) it's happeneing.
All i know is, if my pics are gone forever, I will be devestated.
soooo. your prayers are welcomed!

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