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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i have many people in my life who have very amazing qualities.
talented, witty, pretty, giving, people that make a difference in the world.
i have always wondered what my "thing" is.
somethng special about me.
you know, the thing that we see in others and we're like
"thats their thing"
some of the trials in my life that i have had, have led me to find my "thing".
i personally feel that i have been given the great ability to look at the bright side in most situations. even if there doesn't seem to be a bright side to the situation, i will remember the brightside of other situations to get me through the current one. (if that makes any sense)
there are not alot of things that will truly bring me down, (like to the point of depression)
and i owe that to my Heavenly Father, who i know has given me this quality to get me through the trials that i have had and will have to face in life.
this isn't to say that i don't get discouraged every now and then.
cause i do.
today is one of those days.
according to
this is the definition of discouraged:

To deprive of confidence, hope, or spirit.

this is EXACTLY how i feel today.
and i am not even sure why.
i guess we all have our bad days.
today is one of mine.

luckily there is always tomorrow!

don't ask me why i felt the need to make this a blog post.
sorry for my random woe is me post.

maybe i should just go home and dive into the ice cream.
isn't that what girls are supposed to do?
too bad i dont really like the stuff.


  1. Woah. That is eerily similar. So similar that we used "woe is me" in our post! And we both have had craziness going on to make it "one of those days." I hope things go better. I have some ice cream at my place, and I was thinking that after institute, we should play games at my place! What do you think? Lemme know.

    Clue, anyone?

  2. ps - what is this simply savvy stuff?! And why is the last post a year ago?

  3. Your post reminded me of this....


  4. You don't like Ice Cream? No wonder you're discouraged!