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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Since I don't have internet at home right now, I'm going to try this blogging thing from my phone.
We will see how it goes. I hate not being able to blog lately. But I haven't had much to say either
So whatev.

I have some confessions to make :)

Last month I sent/received 5500 texts! Sick :(

I turned my tv on the other day for the first time in MONTHS.
I haven't had cable for 7 months now, and I don't miss it AT ALL

I have been "borrowing" my neighbors internet :) the perks of apartment living and close proximity! Until they decide to make it secure :( hence the lack of blogging recently.

I'm a.d.d.I.c.t.e.d to my phone. I feel insecure when its not within 2 feet of me. Sad but true.
I need to change this. NOW

My fridge is always empty. Unless I have take out leftovers in there.

I have lived in my apartment for 7 months and just last week unpacked 2 more boxes..

Being in front of multiple people, speaking, teaching or introducing myself to people I don't know scares me to death. I have been told I hide my fear well, so that's good. (But its s.l.o.w.l.y getting easier)

I have "made the first move" on multiple occasions : / shameful. I know.

I'm often attracted to people that are completely opposite of me (not just looks wise). Ones that after a first, second, or even a third glance I would never initially consider dating, and that people close to me would be/have been/ and are shocked to find out. Something happens during that fourth glance. I don't know what it is but I have come to the conclusion that whoever I end up with, people will probably look at us and wonder how we got together and peg us as the odd couple that doesn't match.
And I'm ok with that.

I day dream a lot.

I have turned into a person who has 'questioned' my want for children in the future. Don't worry, I'm not THAT selfish, so as long as I get married, I will have them. But still... The thought has arised.

Along those same lines.. I don't want to have a 'big' wedding.
Just me. And him. And the temple.
(And maybe a photographer for after to get a few of us on OUR special day)
Hopefully I can find someone whose mother will allow a wedding that she can't make all about her.
We will send you our address so you know where to send gifts.

I choose/prefer to write in blue ink. And blue ink only.

My "rebelious teen years" happened when I was 24. (It was luckily just one year)

I'm a skeptical person. And I'm not proud of that.



  1. LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! I love that you own up to the things that make you you! Love you and loved learning more! :)

  2. My title is neither Father nor Bishop, so I am unsure why I was directed to this post. Other than that, I appreciated it!

    We are sometimes like the same person on certain aspects. I think you pointed this out the other day, and I am just throwing that out there today... I am a small wedding/no tv/phone addict type of guy. Though I am 84% sure you are more addicted to your phone than I am. :)

    Lastly, I must say that I will no longer be commenting anonymously, seeing as someone has nonchalantly taken over the title [see above comment]. ;)