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Friday, December 10, 2010

venting...because i can

once again, this is my blog, my little corner of the www
if i want to vent
i will.
and thats what i'm about to do......
I rarely ask people for help. i can usually do things on my own, 
and usually have no problem doing so. 
i feel like when people ask me for help, i am generally always 100% willing., because i know when i need to ask for help i would want that in return.
but then there comes a time when i ,{a girl} can't do things on my own, and need the assistance of a man.
or like 3 or 4 men. 
unfortunately i dont have a man. you know, 
a go-to-guy
my go-to-guys, have all found gals, 
which prevent me from being able to use their man-ness at any given time.
let me explain:
i have a piano that is sitting in storage. 
i HAVE to move it tomorrow. im paying 90 bucks a month to store it, which is 90 bucks too much.
sooo i ask my dad and brother to help. 
luckily they are willing and able. 
but 2 guys cant move a piano on their own. 
this is where i need a go-to-guy.
so i ask the E.Q.P
here is his excuse: " i would help but i am putting up christmas decorations"
ummmmmmm ok... you live at home. im sure your MOM wont mind if you disappear at 11 a.m. for 30 minutes to help a girl out!!! riiiight???!!!
a few more texts sent to random boys that might be willing to help. 
still no luck.
so the text message goes out to the home teacher. 
LUCKILY he very willingly says yes. 
I love him. 
Dear  Hometeacher & K.T.
you saved me today. and i love you for honoring your duties as a man, and a hometeacher, and helping a girl out when you are needed. 
all the other men in my life could use a lesson from you.
and you saved me from having to make a call to a person i didn't want to have to call.
thank you. thank you.
love, your hometeachee =)


  1. i'm serious. join my club.
    i. hate. boys. this. week.

  2. Psh. That's ridiculous. You should have told your EQP that it'll put him more in the Christmas spirit to do SERVICE than to put up decorations. DB!


  3. Dear Hometeachee,
    Thanks for the shout out! Glad you got things figured out alright. You should also give an even bigger shout out to Kevin because he sacrificed much more! Just sayin. ;)