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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

life these days

i feel like i haven't blogged forever, which isn't true, cause i have
but alot has happened in the last week that has yet to make it to blog world
christmas has come and gone. 
time to take down the 2 decorations i had up
& time to break down the last week:
christmas eve eve:
christmas party
hours of games and fun with great friends

christmas eve:
finished shopping and delivered christmas presents
said farewell to a good friend/old co-worker as he departs for cali for a new career adventure
movie with my good friend michelle
grocery store
pick up food for the annual chinese food with the brother and the sisters christmas eve dinner
games with sisters and lots of laughing =) 
midnight mass with peter, matt and ash

christmas day:
sleep in
hang out with sisters
try to find a store thats open on christmas day. i guess walgreens is the only one. good thing they sell milk
make dinner
have the parentals, the brother, and the sisters over for dinner. ham of course on christmas. always.
book shelf assembly {thanks to the dad}
games with friends 

games with friends
BED TIME: 3 am

back to the daily grind
olive garden
more games with friends
trying to catch up on sleep from the lack of sleep i got!
but it was all worth it. 
the long weekend was soooo much fun
in fact it was one of the best weekends i have had in a long time.
im so lucky to have a great family to celebrate holidays with 
and awesome friends that will play 39433 hours of games!!
something that i learned about myself this weekend:
I AM....... VERY .VERY. VERY. competetive.....


1 comment:

  1. Glad I could be a part of the 39,433 hours of games! It was a memorable week for sure.