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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


right now, me and Ikea are in a fight. 
picture this:
on my one hour lunch break today, i decided to cross off a gift from my still.need.to.buy.for.these.people list.
my sister wants a bookshelf from Ikea so off i went.
luckily i work 10 min away
so....i make my way through the pretend land of fake living rooms and kitchens....
stopping off at the bookshelves dept.
i find exactly what I am looking for only to find this:
i go talk to the ikea peeps
they do their thing on the computer and LUCKILY find that there are 47 more over in the 
self-serve furniture dept. 
phew. gift card averted.
soooo i make my way through the rest of the maze and get to the furniture pick-n-pull
i find quickly that what i need is much to heavy for me and looks much to large for my car.
so i head to the home delivery counter.
buuut before i could do so, i had to purchase the few items that i found over in the as-is section.
this awesome duvet for 5 dolla's yeaaahhh
ok so thats not the exact one but its close. same colors and everything but mine is squares instead of polygons?
annnyways so i go through the check out and off to the home delivery desk.
there the lady tells me that i am in "delivery zone one" and that it will cost me 70 dollars to deliver.
great! sign me up. 
side note: i actually had 2 bookshelves that i needed delivered cause i bought myself one see here. this is how i justified paying the 70 dollar delivery fee
she tells me to go get what i need and then come back to her and she will set up my delivery. 
sooooo i go back to pick-n-pull land and ask a worker man to help me pick-n-pull.
after waiting for him for like 5 min 
{naturally he had to go chat it up with his worker friend and have a drink of his mt dew before he met me in isle 4. gimme a break. MEN!!}
by now i am an hour and a half into my one hour lunch break with one of my employees texting me with questions and my boss texting me with other issues.
worker man helped me. 
i went back to check out. again. 
went back to the delivery counter. again. 
filled out the paper work. 
picked a delivery date. 
pulled out my card to pay for delivery....
just in time for her to say:
"oh my...it looks like you are right on the border of delivery in slc .. that's actaully going to cost you 99 dollars for delivery."


uhhhh ok well, i have just purchaed hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise here. you told me that it would cost me 70. what am i supposed to do?

"well don't you have someone that has a truck that can come pick it up for you?"
she says.

uh lady, if i did, do you think i would be paying 70 bucks to have your people do it?!!?
i didn't say that...but really wanted to

soooo the end of this story goes like this:

my stuff is sitting on hold {for 24 hours} while i figure out how the heck i am going to get it home, to the third floor mind you. by myself.

im praying that by some miracle it will fit in my car. and that my brother will come over tomorrow night to help me unload
your prayers are also welcomed. 

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