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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

exhausted ..

welp, its only tuesday, and i'm exhausted.
i have been running like a mad man for 24 hours. this will continue for the next 48.
works been crazy busy.
christmas presents are still being purchased
(yes i am the worlds worst procrastinator)
there are too many parties to be attended
i have yet to make my christmas cards.
butttt this is what i get for leaving it all to the last minute! 
i never learn.
i could probably really use one of these.....

OH WAIT.........

by the end of dec 27th i will officially be partied out.

here is why:
sunday: birthday party
monday: ward christmas party
tuesday: family christmas party
thursday: friend christmas party
friday: going-away party
monday: out-of-state/jr. highschool friends christmas party
thats alot of parties.
and how am i supposed to get everything done with all this partying taking place?!
it's going to take a christmas miracle.
so to all those who have yet to get their gifts from me.....i'm sorry. 
they are coming!
butttt i did manage to get myself a christmas gift today!! yay!!
i can cross off the first thing on my christmas wish list!!
{blog post to come}
actually i can cross the second thing off too!! someone gave me one of those =)
you know who you are....thank YOU!! =)

so...to sum it up.
this is how i feel:



1 comment:

  1. i didn't get you anything practical.
    my inner forty year old tells me you're going to love it.